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Title: Community Game Development Project [Vote] : Ends Wed.
Post by: AlexHW on December 03, 2005, 10:03:58 pm

Feel free to discuss the entries here: http://www.wayofthepixel.net/pixelation/index.php?topic=514.0

Entry 1:
(http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v157/Xionight/Demo2.png) Aye, a Tiny mock.
This is the "incoming" area, where the next group of recruits is previewed.
This is the player's (P1) "gathering" screen. Here, Small soldiers (the colors will be replaced with sprites) march down from the top of the screen, controlled with the classic WASD format, plus another, yet to be defined button, which, for now, we'll call "button H." Similar to a falling blocks puzzle game (More specifically the Puyo Pop series) the soldiers will march downward from the "Incoming" area and pile up here. As they pile up, they will be able to join forces with adjacent fellows to form different weapons, like get four bazooka men into a square to create a tank, or eight infantrymen to create a transport. Of course, "A" would move the blocks of soldiers Left, "D" would move them right, and "S" would make them fall faster. "W" would rotate them, but rather than rotating as a whole, they will just shift clockwise. Button H would stop the blocks from moving downward as a whole. When the soldiers pile up to the top of the screen, the game is not over! Nay, any units within the right half of the gathering screen will move onward to the "Battlefield" screen. The rest of the units just continue to march downward.
this is the battlescreen, where units from both sides collide and duke it out. After each round, lines will be drawn to show the advancement of each side, the first player to have his/her line reach the enemy's Gathering screen wins.
This is the GUI, showing things like score, and stuff.
This is a piece of Player 2's (or the computer's) gathering screen.

Entry 2:


http://www.mindcrank.com/isometris.html <-- unfinished buggy flash version of concept

Ok, so this was a concept I came up with when I used to work for a game company. Seeing as I'm having trouble finding work and I don't think I'll be presenting this to any other companies I've decided to donate it to this challenge. I lost the original concept document, so I'll just briefly describe how the game is intended to work:

The gray area on the gameboard is where all your pieces accumulate, they get "pumped" out from that red opening on the side, at differentiating speeds depending on what level you're at. The pieces move out from the left towards the right, then up and to the left, like a snake. You move your "indicator" around from side to side to select whatever the foremost piece is, and press a key to launch it straight forward.

The brown area on the board is where all of your pieces accumulate, the idea is to try and make the patterns that are displayed in the top right corner using solid colors to forum them. every time you complete one you get points and it changes, these are bonuses.

Ways to score points

The most simple way to score points is to combine 3 blocks, horiz, vert or diag, you can also make combos of 4, 5, 6, etc.. THe pattern display at the top right helps you think of cool combos to try and aim for, although some of them may fill up your game board.

Lets say you create an X and free up some blank area, if you shoot a block at another block and theres room behind it, it will move back to hit the closest block.

The more points you get, the higher level you go, the faster the blocks come out, etc..

Later on in the game, say level 25 or something, I was thinking new boards could have holes in them and such, where blocks will fall down to another board, or maybe ramps to launch blocks on top of other blocks so you can create 3d combos as well, but those are just random ideas off the top of my head. Maybe one level you have to build a staircase to another board, and work 2 boards at a time or something.

This is just the basic premise of this game.

Entry 3:
Dig Dug meets Tetris Attack meets Bauns (http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/g3/bauns.htm).

You are a small, ground-dwelling creature (A dog!?) who must make it to the surface in time for the Woodland Creatures' Annual Party, the greatest day of the year when all woodland critters get together into a massive mosh pit and get stoned and drunk and generally enjoy themselves in the most immoral ways while listening to superfast death metal and D&B techno and Yani. Anyway, you overslept and now you need to hurry to the surface through tons of colorful blocks. To do this you must dig through the colorful blocks and use your mighty claws to push them around. Anyway, the gameplay:

You move your guy around with the [WASD] or cursor keys, digging through the dirt in a manner reminiscient of Dig Dug. Unfortunately, you only get a certain amount of steps, and if the steps run out, you're a deadman. To replenish your steps, you must move the colorful dirtblocks around by pressing [space] or [J]. This will allow you to swap any two blocks adjacent to your character (including diagonals). Once you have a large grouping of like colors, you can use your hammer ([K]) to eliminate all of the adjacent blocks. The more blocks you get rid of at once, the higher your score and more steps you recieve. Along the way, you'll be able to get powerups such as bombs(eliminate all blocks of a color or a large area around your character), boots (unlimited steps for a limited amount of time), a clock (time bonus), and the graviton ub3rnator (causes all blocks to fall, filling up empty spaces and eliminating the ones that touch). The little map to the side shows how far up you have progressed.

Just an Idea I quickly threw together to show how seemingly unrelated genres can be combined. (also because not many other people are replying to this awesome activity.)

Entry 4:
Hey what's up?
I thought I'd give my pixel art portfolio a shot of espresso, and offer to help with the temple/block building animation from all 4 isometric angles of ancient construction workers for the following idea(read on for explanation), kind of a crazy block building strategy game...
for level one, the player has to make "ramps" and "supports" to finish the temple properly. I guess the rules dictate you have to have a one small block maximum vertical distance to drag the big pieces on top, and proper supports for the "wall" blocks.


Title: Re: Community Game Development Project [Vote] : Ends Wed.
Post by: AlexHW on December 09, 2005, 12:12:50 am
Alright, Entry 1 and Entry 4 it is!

Xion Night will be designing Entry 1, unless he chooses to step down and allow someone else to take the position.
And the same goes with dtek who will be designing Entry 4.

What we need now is people who will be doing the pixel art, so those interested, make yourself known.
If Xion Night and dtek can create a project name for their concept(not necessarily the final name of the game), I can then set up some threads for each one.
Title: Re: Community Game Development Project [Vote] : Ends Wed.
Post by: dtek on December 09, 2005, 04:29:44 pm
Alex, sounds great. 
Dogmeat, your game is tight already! I guess Xion and I have our work cut out for us.
A name? How about Ancient Temple?
other pixelers: post more...
Title: Re: Community Game Development Project [Vote] : Ends Wed.
Post by: Ryumaru on December 09, 2005, 08:55:33 pm
id be interested in doing (some) of the pixelart
Title: Re: Community Game Development Project [Vote] : Ends Wed.
Post by: Xion on December 09, 2005, 10:53:48 pm
Mmm. Name, name, name for a game...
Battlefield...no, taken.
Wartris...Sound too much like wart - ris...unless it's Wartris with the different colors and stuff.
"Battalion: Strike!"...?
Yeah...I'll think of something.

Oh yeah, congrats, Dtek.
Title: Re: Community Game Development Project [Vote] : Ends Wed.
Post by: Dogmeat on December 10, 2005, 01:48:52 am
Alex, sounds great. 
Dogmeat, your game is tight already! I guess Xion and I have our work cut out for us.
A name? How about Ancient Temple?
other pixelers: post more...

thanks dude, i'd love to get it finished someday, if anyones interested email me.

as for the rest of yous, good luck with this project, i'm interested to see how the egypt one turns out.
Title: Re: Community Game Development Project [Vote] : Ends Wed.
Post by: flaber on December 14, 2005, 06:48:41 am
i mentioned before I wouldnt mind doing some art.
plus itll help me practice up on tiling and sprites.

tile example:
(made about a year ago)

animation example:

last 3 things that arnt too bad:



if you need more i can show..
do i pick what project I want?? dont think so, but if so i can suggest..