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Title: Why no more featured art?
Post by: Dusty on February 28, 2008, 03:43:20 am
The news box has been pretty stagnant lately, and going through the news box thread I saw that there wasn't really a lot of featured art in the first place. So why isn't there any more art getting featured? I've seen a lot of pieces get complete makeovers and turn out looking great, but alas, not featured. Is there a process? Does someone have to let moderators know? Or has it really not been of interest lately?
Title: Re: Why no more featured art?
Post by: .TakaM on February 28, 2008, 04:28:43 am
I would've expected dopplegangers topic to have been up there by now
Title: Re: Why no more featured art?
Post by: miascugh on February 28, 2008, 05:43:01 am
Never hesitate to make suggestions, we're all ears. I'm not entirely sure why the features stopped, I still remember discussing topics that should be awarded one some time back. Maybe the feature routine should be changed so that topics can be picked even when they're still active, as we've been wanting to give Adarias' Partisans thread a spotlight for the longest time now.
Also, it would only make sense to attract more members to contribute to the featured topics via the news banners.
Title: Re: Why no more featured art?
Post by: The B.O.B. on February 28, 2008, 06:27:01 am
   Also, the news banner is smelling funky. Lot's of old cheese up there, that needs to be put in the trash. Even the smilies are expired("Smilie 2007"...and we're now in 2008.) Dodonpachi junk-funk is pretty old as well. Last features I remember were Mirre's and Opacus(I think..?). Adarias has a gazillion views on his thread, but to be honest, not sure his is fitting of a feature, as it was pretty good when it came out. Seems more like a dump thread, for his WIP'd game, though he has added some edits to fit some critiques thrown at him. Not throwing Adar-dar under the bus here, just his thread wouldn't be indicative of what I consider a featured piece, which to me, is basically "from coal to diamond, with the helpful guidance of the community and etc.."

  Sadly, I can't remember the last thread I saw that had such a 180 degree turnaround in technique and execution, in terms of it being a feature. Meh, I shouldn't be talking, as I hardly ever compete in pixelation's active challenges any way.*shuffles and fades away in dark black corner...*
Title: Re: Why no more featured art?
Post by: miascugh on February 28, 2008, 06:51:18 am
The features are mostly about exemplary participation of the author as well as the other members in a thread. It's not so much about the end product being a technically flawless masterpiece, but about the valuable contributions made by the community and them being put into effect/being elaborated on. There's loads of great feedback and response to it in Adarias' thread.