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Title: Ok, new peice. New start.
Post by: Drake on October 21, 2007, 06:55:15 pm
Left again for a while, tried to become better. Atleast this peice isnt pillow shaded  :P

I saw a peice by Skeddles on PixelJoint and i really liked one os his peices, this peice was called Snot, and i just really liked it. So it inspired this peice.

Title: Re: White Blob guy?
Post by: AdamAtomic on October 22, 2007, 03:35:25 pm
First of all, from the general forum rules, if you had bothered to actually read them:

Keep in mind common sense:

Don't double-post.

Second, there is no really nice way to say this but you should be aiming higher than Skeddles's work, when searching for inspiration.  By mimicking his work you are unfortunately mimicking all of his errors as well, but you've managed to lose some of his more interesting silhouettes in the process.

Third, what is it, anyways?  Blob guy on a blank background?  What made you want to pixel this?  Why is it interesting to you?

Fourth, you are concentrating FAR too much on advanced pixel techniques than you are on basic forms and lighting.  This is a common mistake, but one that you need to recognize and work on correcting immediately if you wish to make any reasonable progress!  Things you should really not be worrying about right now:

1 - Dithering
2 - AA

Things you should concentrate on a lot more:

1 - Form & Lighting - this is the process of applying light to the shapes that you are rendering, and placing shadows in a way that helps use to understand the shapes better in 3D.
2 - Colors - While you've hardly put any color into this scene at all, you've used 1 small purple ramp and 1 small gray ramp.  You should practice mixing your colors more, and choosing from a wider range of hues.
3 - Composition - why is your "character" packed into the lower right corner of the box?

To sum up, get more ambitious about what inspires you, and get a LOT more ambitious about your fundamentals, and you will do just fine :)
Title: Re: Ok, new peice. New start.
Post by: Drake on October 26, 2007, 01:16:22 pm
Just so i don't attack the forum with mor useless stuff, Thanks Adam and sorry for double posting, i just wanted to feedback and didn't think i'd get any.

Ok, but the point i try and use AA and Dithering isn't just so i can force myself to improve quicker, it's so i can improve the peices i do quicker as well. I know i'm not the best at Light sources since i've been working on micro's for the past... 8 months now? So, i'm trying to fix light sources as well. I don't know really what colours i could use on this peice seeing that it's an alien without clothing, armour or anything at all to be honest. Composition - I wanted to make it look like. He's been pushd out of every place he goes. The Blob guy, thrughtfully resembled the things i've been drawing lately and i just fell in with it and trying to make to same sorta thing, but different. Makes no sence but yea. I just liked it and was like. Try to pixel it ='D

Well here's the naked alien i want to make better.

Micro version - (http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w318/TehDrakeh/Nangarb.png)

(Craply) Pixelated version - (http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w318/TehDrakeh/NanGarb-PixelVersion.png)
Title: Re: Ok, new peice. New start.
Post by: bengo on October 27, 2007, 07:52:52 pm
Did a small edit, mainly to the head, your piece is lacking contrast, a definitive light source and a good palette(Lines are looking pretty good though). While it's good to start out with an outline, you might want to consider removing it, because it helps rid of some of that cartoon look. You should work on a background with 50% gray or somewhere near that.
Title: Re: Ok, new peice. New start.
Post by: Drake on October 27, 2007, 09:25:22 pm
I thank you for making the micro look great but that's the reference i'm using from the peice below it. Again i thank you for making it look good. But it's not the peice i'm trying to work on. it's the peice below it.

P.s I didn't even know there was a lightsource for my micro, and not meaning to sound ungrateful for saying that.
Title: Re: Ok, new peice. New start.
Post by: bengo on October 27, 2007, 09:38:16 pm
:huh:  :wah: :sry: :watev:
Erm, whoops, well hopefully my edit can still be put to good use for your guy, you should still take out the outline, add a light source, etc. You might want to re-examine how he'd look from a side view, right now he looks like he's tipping over a tad.