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The Employer Reviews Thread

This thread is a collection of anonymous, verified accounts of work experiences with pixel-art-oriented companies around the world.  Pixelation's moderators and administrators personally review and research every submission before posting it to this thread.  The goal of this thread is not to provide cut-and-dried "ratings" or "approval" of the companies or organizations featured, but to enable our users to make more informed decisions, and to increase the quality of connections made in our Employment Forum.  Many industries provide resources like this, but to my knowledge none exists for pixel artists.

If you would like to submit a review, please PM Indigo (https://pixelation.org/index.php?action=pm;sa=send;u=18), and it will be added to this thread.
However, we do have some simple guidelines that will determine what reviews are presented here:

Employers: If I have incorrectly named/identified your organization, or inappropriately summarized your primary activities/platforms, please notify me ASAP!

Finally, I would like to steadfastly and vehemently impress upon any organizations or employers featured here that the following content in no way representative of the opinions or ideas of the Pixelation moderation and administration staff.  While we do serve as editors for this content, we do not OWN it, and we are NOT the authors.


5th Cell Media (http://www.5thcell.com/) [Mobile & Nintendo DS]:

Battle Phase Games (http://www.battlephase.com/) [Casual PC]:

Capricom Mobile (Luke Miller) (http://Capricom Mobile) [Mobile]:

Cellufun (http://www.cellufun.com/) [Mobile]:

EA Mobile (http://www.eamobile.com/) [Mobile Games]:

FLARB (http://www.flarb.com/) [Mobile Games]:

FTMobile (http://www.ftmobile.com/) [Mobile Games]:

Gameloft NYC (http://www.gameloft.com/) [Mobile Games]:

glu (http://www.glu.com/noram/Pages/home.aspx) [Mobile Games]:

Heavy Cat Studios (http://heavycatweb.net/) [Various]:

Helixe (http://www.helixe.com/) [Nintendo DS]:

Id Software Mobile (http://www.idsoftware.com/games/mobile/orcselvesds//) [Mobile Games]:

Jet Set Games (http://jetsetgames.net/) [iPhone]:

MaxArtists (http://maxartists.com/) [Mobile Games] (now defunct?):

MGA (http://www.mgae.com/) [Toys & Games]:

Pretty Good Games (http://www.prettygoodgames.com/) [Casual PC Games]:

Pronto Games (http://www.prontogames.com/) [Mobile Games]:

Q8IsMobile (http://q8ismobile.com/) [Mobile Games]:

Requiem Software Labs (http://www.requiemsoftwarelabs.com/) [Hiptop/Sidekick Games & Applications]:

Two Tribes (http://www.twotribes.com/) [Mobile & Nintendo DS]:

WayForward Technologies (http://www.wayforward.com/) [Nintendo DS]:

Vblank Entertainment (https://www.vblank.com/) [PC, PS, Switch, 3DS]: