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Title: Indigo's Campaign Thread
Post by: Indigo on November 15, 2005, 10:12:31 pm
Hello Everybody!

I had a late start getting this message up because i took a trip down to Utah (where i just recently moved from).  But since I'm late already, lets get into the nitty gritties of why you should vote for me.


Just a little about me:
My name is Daniel Fessler.  Most online folk call me by my real name rather than my online one.  I draw realistic pencil drawn portraits of people (mostly children) for a living, but hope to one day gain a job in pixeling for games.  my hobbies include art, piano, hockey, programming, acting, singing, skating, paint balling etc.  I have been known as a Renaissance man from the fact that I'm invloved with so many different types of activities.

I found pixelation many years ago while i was barely learning how to program.  I immediately was amazed about the community that resided there - everybody was so involved with keeping pixelation a clean an educational place.  I fell in love with the community activities and challenges that were being held.  I, personally, favored animation challenges (specifically from sals).  It caught my attention because not many people were expert in the area of animation.  Through this i realized of the importance of community bonding and educational activities.

what i stand for:
I believe that pixelopolis should be an educational haven for every level of artist.  A place where we can not only learn, but have fun and gain lasting relationships by connecting people with the same interests.  Pixelopolis should be a clean environment to ensure the best for all ages and mentalities.  If elected, i would especially focus on doing anything and everything i need to in the preparation for turning Pixelopolis to Pixelation again.  I will also especially focus on original, fun, and educational activities.  For those of you who know me - you know that I'm a pretty fun-going, humorous individual.  I believe that this position requires a good mixture of professionalism as well as an entertaining personality.

Most Importantly though,
please remember that I am running for YOU!  If you have a suggestion, complaint, or something of the sort - i will work as hard as i can for YOU to try to get you what you want keeping in mind all of the beliefs i stand for.

Vote for Indigo:
As I'm not forcing you to vote for me - i do incourage, however, that you do in fact vote.  Vote for who you believe is best fit for the job.  I strongly discourage just not voting at all though.


(I prefer that you use the animated one to gain attention since i had a late start, but if you insist, i also have a static version (thats a bit larger)

Also - if you have any questions, comments, or anything like that; feel free to post 'em and i'll be glad to reply to them

Title: Re: Indigo's Campaign Thread
Post by: God Slayer on November 15, 2005, 11:45:01 pm
Well, your banner really won me over. ;) Seriously, its awesome.

But as I read your post, I realized your ideals are something I can agree with. As an intermediate pixeler, I strongly desire more educational and insightful activities, and if thats what your going to do, you have my vote(s)!

I'm with you man.
Title: Re: Indigo's Campaign Thread
Post by: Indigo on November 16, 2005, 01:23:49 am
thanks for the fast reply and the support, Kal Slayer.

I strongly desire more educational and insightful activities, and if thats what your going to do, you have my vote(s)!
Yes, that is definately one thing i intend to do... in fact, that is the main reason why i haven't posted much around here lately.  I've been busy writing pixel tutorials and things of the sort for other forums.  I posted the 8 frame run tutorial thingy here as well.

heh - thanks, i like my little banner thingy too.  its not pixel art, but still i'm proud of it
Title: Re: Indigo's Campaign Thread
Post by: Negative Gravity on November 16, 2005, 04:44:02 am
Yay, for Paint Balling!
Thats the reason I'm voting for you, though.  ::)
A great guy that truely "finishes what he started successfully".
Good luck Daniel!
Title: Re: Indigo's Campaign Thread
Post by: Helm on November 16, 2005, 05:17:38 am
You have my support.
Title: Re: Indigo's Campaign Thread
Post by: Indigo on November 16, 2005, 01:14:38 pm
thank you Negative Gravity and Helm.  Your support is very much welcomed.  ...looking back over my post, i probably should have made it shorter.  oh well, i hope people aren't too lazy to read it

to clarify what i plan to do for activities: (since it seems to be a popular subject)

this is where i kinda dissagree with how the other canidates are going about their campaigning.  They all have great ideas for activities and things of the sort, which is great, but i have a different approach to the matter.  I dont feel that i can be specific about what activities i'm going to hold.  Like my campaign slogan says, "I'm running for YOU!" - not me.  Its YOUR ideas i will ultimately be supporting.

this is what i'll do:  there are many great ideas out there for activities, people can feel free to suggest some to me.  The best ideas out of those i will discuss with a mod or admin to decide what one would be best for everybody.

one thing i will use to filter these ideas though; I feel that its important for pixel artists to improve in ALL aspects of pixel art.  activities would be based around 1 aspect of pixeling each.  for example; we might have an animation challenge, 1 tiling challenge, lighting challenge, etc.  I wouldn't feel it necessary to have 2 challanges of the same kind co-existing with each other.  that would be the only filter i, personally, put your ideas through.  (also lets not forget that a fun activity will also be held every once in a while to help bond the community)
Title: Re: Indigo's Campaign Thread
Post by: Gil on November 24, 2005, 04:23:28 pm
Indigo, I think I speak for all the contestants if I say you're a great guy and good luck :)
Title: Re: Indigo's Campaign Thread
Post by: Indigo on November 24, 2005, 04:27:42 pm
  ;D  hehe! thanks gil.  that was very nice of ya!  it gave me the warm fuzzies inside and everything.  seriousely gil - your not too shabby yourself.  I've always kept an eye out for your threads.

alrighty - just a reminder:
this is a reminder to make sure you vote.  Although i'd rather you vote for me, its more important that you just vote rather than nothing at all.  Vote for who you feel qualified and not for who is your best friend or whatnot.  If you do this, the forum will be a better place :D

I'd like to wish everybody that is running good luck.  I dont think that anybody will be a bad choice.  I am really pleased with the people running in this election.  Elections are comming up pretty fast, so good luck once again!