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Title: [Closed] Looking for Environment Artist for JRPG
Post by: SamTaylor on August 03, 2020, 10:32:35 pm
I'm looking for an environment artist for a JRPG style game.  I am paying around $35 per hour.

I posted on this forum several years ago to create an introduction demo for Kickstarter.  The Kickstater wasn't created, but I have saved up enough to fund the game.  Everyone on the team with the exception of the previous environment artist are available to continue to work on the game, though most will not be able to work full time on the game due to other responsibilities.  You will need to keep that in mind and I'm willing to work with a flexible schedule in case there is a period of time where the work I provide slows down.

Map tiles are 16x16.  Screen resolution is 640x480.  The theme is medieval Arabian fantasy.

I will include some of the information from my prior post that talks about the game engine so you don't need to go searching for it:

The game engine is primarily inspired by Final Fantasy 6 mechanics, but the game isn't meant to be a sequel or fan game.

The idea is a 2D sprite RPG inspired by Final Fantasy games from the NES and (mostly) SNES era. I'm creating an engine that will have a game creator and not just a game. I originally wanted to support a user interface for easy modding of the game and it turned into more of being able to create a game than a modding tool.

The feature I've come up with has to do with time. RPGs that involve time are either a small scope of a few days or they jump from time periods with actual time not really moving.

The engine will have characters aging in pseudo real time. While time will not flow on a 1 second real world to 1 second game world, it will be steadily flowing. Standing around will result in time passage within the game. I'm planning on using a 1 second real world equals 1 minute game world while in towns/dungeons and a 1 second real world equals 1 hour game world while in the over world. These times may be tweaked.

Events will also be triggered through time. The world can change from one year to the next. The changes won't be limited to seasonal changes, but could also be catastrophic events that alter one or several maps.

The introduction demo, for Windows, as well as existing art that can be found at https://futurescape.itch.io/chosen-heart-a-tale-of-the-fourteenth-kingdom (https://futurescape.itch.io/chosen-heart-a-tale-of-the-fourteenth-kingdom).  The art was created based off of writing from my author.  Full details are not included in the writing, so there is creative room for how things look provided they follow some general guidelines of what an area is.

PM me if you have questions or are interested.  Please do not create any new content for your application of the requested position.  I would like to see prior work that was done in fun, practice, or part of a project.
Title: Re: [Paid] Looking for Environment Artist for JRPG
Post by: SarahBoe on August 03, 2020, 11:03:48 pm
Just sent a PM!  :)
Title: Re: [Closed] Looking for Environment Artist for JRPG
Post by: SamTaylor on August 07, 2020, 11:42:04 pm
The position has been filled.  I want to thank everyone that applied for the position.