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Title: [CLOSED]Looking for an artist to make steam store page assets.
Post by: oab on July 31, 2020, 02:41:46 am
Position closed.

Hi, I am making a shmup game and It closes to release. I need to set up a steam store page. So, I am looking for an artist with experience in making steam store assets. I want the assets to feel like a box art of the game.

Assets list.
- Main capsule image * 616px wide x 353px tall.
- Library Capsule * 600px wide x 900px tall
- Library Logo * 640px wide x 360px tall

And these are screenshots from my game.


If anyone interested and accepts payment via Paypal (40% when start, 60% when delivery).
Please send me an email with a quote and portfolio: im.oab.ps(at)gmail(dot)com