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Title: hand pains because of mouse
Post by: miarapixelart on July 22, 2020, 07:16:41 pm
i draw about 15 hours/day, most of this time for my own game development, and i use g502 mouse which is heavy mouse
i started to feel pains in my upper hand,
i was wondering which mouse do you use?
is there any good light weight mouse with good accuracy?
Title: Re: hand pains because of mouse
Post by: Gunpog! on July 22, 2020, 07:23:17 pm
Rest, see a doctor if your pain does not reduce.

Also errr, is not G502 a customizable mouse regarding its weight? Cannot you just open it and remove the weight inside or something?

If your pain is linked to carpal tunnel syndrome, you can:
-get a tablet to use your mouse less,
-get an ergonomic mouse,
-keep a regular mouse but hold it with the hand in a more neutral position, this is what I personally do. The idea is to tilt your hand so your wrist is in a more neutral position. Then, you click not with the bottom of your fingers but with the side. It sounds strange or dumb and it is not perfect but I know for a fact that it stopped the carpal pain for me.

But for you, rest, doctor and ergonomic mouse are probably the best.

Btw, to answer your question, I use a G402 but I often start working with my huion screen tablet.

Here is the trick I used to ease my pain:
Title: Re: hand pains because of mouse
Post by: eishiya on July 22, 2020, 08:52:09 pm
Gunpog's advice is good!

If you're not already, do warm-up wrist stretches before working sessions, including after long (hour+) breaks. Note, however, that the stretches you should do differ depending on whether you already have pain, preventative-care stretches can make the situation worse if done when your tendons are already inflamed or hurt. If the pain is serious (e.g. consistent, and/or accompanied by numbness in any of your fingers), it's recommended to not do stretches at all, and rest until your wrist heals.

However, no matter how ergonomic your tools are and no matter how good your stretch habits are, working for 15 hours a day will cause damage. You must find ways to reduce the time you spend working! In addition to being better for your hands, a reasonable work schedule helps prevent burnout.
Title: Re: hand pains because of mouse
Post by: bendixso on March 03, 2021, 12:29:45 am
I get to thinking, would it help if you had tools that make your workflow more keyboard-centric?

I'm mostly a programmer, and I prefer to use a text editor like Vim in the terminal, since I can do everything without my fingers ever leaving home row. To me, it feels more ergonomic.

I actually built a pixel graphics editor that only uses the keyboard, and it has key bindings similar to Vim. It doesn't have many features, but I could put in a basic set of features if enough people would find it useful. Personally, I like working with it even though it's kinda lacking a lot of the common stuff.