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Title: [Portfolio] Hello from the other side - Looking for internship
Post by: Anaelle_pok on May 31, 2020, 12:44:55 pm
Hi everyone !   ::)

I'm AnaŽlle, currently a first year animation student at Gobelins school, where we moslty do 2D traditional animation. (By this I mean, on paper) My confort zone is obviously 2D character design concepts, but I love doing pixel art too. Sadly I don't have much to show cause I discovered my strong interest for it recently, I'll try to produce as much as I can for next year.

I'm presently looking for an internship for this summer, and I would like to find one in a game studio that do pixel art, as a concept character artist. Here is my work in low quality :


Here is my website, with full portoflio and demo reel : https://anaellesaba16.wixsite.com/portfolio

Please contact me if you have any offer of internship in a studio, I could also be interested in a freelance project :)
Thank you for your attention  ;D