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Title: [UNPAID][Rev-Share][Artist] Looking for a 2D Artist
Post by: Ratgibnak on May 15, 2020, 08:49:15 pm
Hello everyone,

My name is Antoine, Iím a French software engineer with 5+ years of professional experience. I am currently working on a 2D indie game made with Unity.

I am searching to collab with an artist on the game design, art and story of the game. I have a story script and also mood boards for the design of the main character, monsters and levels.

My goal is to make a short story game (3-5h) on the theme of mourning and grief. It will be an action platformer taking place in a fantasy world.

A working prototype of the game including platforms, monsters and a boss fight at the end can be seen here :



Feel free to contact me at this address : royantoinedev@gmail.com

Best regards,