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Title: [PAID] Pixel artist for 2D game / Must be able to replicate Zelda style
Post by: Azurin on May 06, 2020, 05:38:16 pm
Hello. I am looking to hire an artist for a (currently) small solo game project. I am an artist myself, but paying someone else to create assets frees me up to focus completely on coding, which is what I'm in need of at the moment. The game will feature a wide array of unique characters, and your job will be to pixel them using written design direction and/or reference pictures. Here are my specific requirements/conditions:

For those unfamiliar with Zelda/Minish Cap, here's a reference:

Bonus: Willing to discuss the possibility of scrapping my existing base entirely in favor of one you create with more detailed animations and a style that suits you, as the artist, more.