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Title: Should i use shadows
Post by: grape on April 27, 2020, 06:51:06 pm

Im working on art for a side project. I like the very low-res style and been wondering if my art is just way too small to use shadows appropriately.

I also want to know what you guys think about the general style.

Left is shadows on, right is shadows off.

Title: Re: Should i use shadows
Post by: Teuthida on May 07, 2020, 01:56:32 am
I think the shadows help add a lot of contrast to the sprites, but I would tone them down just a bit - shadows usually aren't pure black in reality. Instead, I would use your darkest shade (the dark purple and blue on the woman, the dark brown on the goat man). Even if that color is already on the lit portion of your sprites, emphasizing it more on the shaded parts will convey the idea of 'shadedness' just fine. If you're still set on the black, though, I would keep both versions of the sprites and reserve the shaded ones for scenes with particularly dramatic lighting.

The sprites themselves look quite nice. I might look into removing some of the color banding on them, though.
Title: Re: Should i use shadows
Post by: Chonky Pixel on May 07, 2020, 05:20:14 pm
Please use the "insert image" control to insert images into a post. It looks like someone blowing up the Mona Lisa, below the "Bold" icon.

Upload your image to Imgur. Use a 1-1 scale, no need to blow it up manually. When it's uploaded, right-click and "copy image address". When you use "insert image", just paste in this address.


Because the control allows the viewer to choose the magnification factor in the browser (just click to zoom, alt-click to reset.) Also, if we want to make edits, we can download the image at with no magnification, so it's quicker to edit.