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Title: [Feedback] Spiderman shading
Post by: Defoe Trahunctus on April 04, 2020, 07:14:17 pm
I've been practicing for some time and now studying the usage of shading - made some progress but my understanding is still far from ideal and there's much more to learn about drawing the shading properly. I would be grateful for any critique or advice. Thanks in advance!

Title: Re: [Feedback] Spiderman shading
Post by: Rydin on April 26, 2020, 05:08:12 am
Can you walk me through your thought process on how you decided where to add lighting?
I like the crisp lines.
Just want to see where you're coming from and what you've learned so far.
Title: Re: [Feedback] Spiderman shading
Post by: TPoe on April 27, 2020, 06:57:44 am
I think what we need to do here is look at spider man, so first get me some pictures of spider man!


So lets try to get the pose down first. I don't wanna stray to far from your original pose (although I am going to flip the legs around to make it a little more energetic), but were going to look at the picture for the proportions, the shapes of his muscles, and the overall energy.

That's looking pretty Spidery.

So we've got the pose down, the next step would be to block out the colors, while were doing this, were going to keep the light in mind.

The next step is the hardest, and to make it looks really good you gotta know a little bit of anatomy. But were gonna shade this bad boy using only the 4 colors that are already on the sprite! (+1 gray for the chest)


Quick tip - try to break the muscles down into their own shapes, the shoulder is shades almost like a seashell, the the arms aren't just sausages, they're multiple sausages. The bicep is a sausage, the tricep is it's own sausage, the forearms got a few sausages going on there too.

Now we can call it done, but for me I like to take it one step further and break up that outline a bit, and tweak the colors to have a little more hue variation.



Quick tip - when breaking up the outline, don't just replace delete it, try to mix in a little bit of the shaded color to give it a nice break.

Bonus tip - For easy color picking, on darker shade drift toward one color on the hue slider, in his case I chose purple (always a safe bet btw) For the lighter shades stay within your desired color's hue.

Hope this helped!