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Title: Hi there :)
Post by: Derek_R on November 06, 2005, 04:40:23 am
 Hi everyone  :). I've been pixelling for quite a while (off and on for probably at least 3 years), though I never really improved past a certain point. Most of my work , which wasn't really great or horrible, was lost in a hard drive crash which really demotivated me from doing anything :P. Now I'm becoming interested in pixelling again and I really want to improve.I'm really interested in doing video game graphics, so I can make videogames on my own time and not have to worry about depending on others for gfx and so I don't have to worry about making my graphics designers upset or angry. Anyways heres a little bit of my recent work.


In the mockup I was going for a more gritty, some-what lower quality look. It was being used for a project that was supposed to be quick, so I didn't really put too much effort into it xD.

C&C on the rest would be greatly appreciated  ;D.
Title: Re: Hi there :)
Post by: Ari on November 06, 2005, 07:03:32 am
Some good work, I like them. Its a nice style.

Sucks you lost all yoru work. :( That happend to me once.
Title: Re: Hi there :)
Post by: Andy Tran on November 06, 2005, 07:25:34 am
 Good shading there. One thing that lacked was the contrast.You should use high contrast instead of low contrast.
Title: Re: Hi there :)
Post by: Skalle on November 06, 2005, 12:33:54 pm
Welcome to Pixelation (aka Pixelopolis).

Too bad the thing that you lost so much stuff because of the hard-drive crash, though now you're ready to fill your harddrive up with other better art, now when you'll be improving ;) I like the pictures you posted: they're really nice. The rocks looks good and remind me of lava reef zone from sonic 3, though the grass you added to them doesn't seem to fit with the style. The piece of ground below the sprites looks great too, and also reminds me of sonic 3. The (small) sprites look good I think, though the left one seems to lack contrast, maybe. I think you could add more detail. Also, you can keep this in mind when shading:
Instead of just making the darker colors darker, like in #1, you can make them less saturated(more gray) and more red/blue/purple, like in #2, which can make the hues more interesting. About the mushroom, I think you could use another shade of green on the inside of the hat: it seems a little rough. Shouldn't the foot of the mushroom reach higher up into the mushroom before being stopped by the green stuff? On the moon/planet I see nothing wrong, but maybe you could have made it with less colors.

I really like your style and hope you will continue in pixelart and improving, and show them on pixelation. Good luck!
Title: Re: Hi there :)
Post by: Derek_R on November 06, 2005, 06:30:16 pm
 Thanks for the comments everyone!

Skalle heres a quick edit of a few of the sprites. Thanks for your info!


I tried reducing the amount of colors on the moon, but I just couldnt get it to look right. Without dithering or with moderate dithering it looked to plain, and with lots of dithering it looked too grainy :/.
Oh yea . . also about the rocks on the platform thing I didn't edit. I tried making the darker areas go towards bluish/purplish and the lighter areas more towards orangish/yellowish, but it didn't look good at all xD. Since the rocks are so small should I just leave it how it is?

Well thanks again everyone :).
Title: Re: Hi there :)
Post by: Andy Tran on November 08, 2005, 06:51:30 am
 Looking better.  The thing it lacks is contrast. Make the highlights more lighter, the shadows more darker. You can adjust them to dark black if you want. That it will give more depth.
Title: Re: Hi there :)
Post by: Skalle on November 08, 2005, 02:22:17 pm
Wow, that's great. I'm sure you also think that the colors on the mushroom looks much better now, and also on the sprite. On the tile, the colors used before was pretty good too I think. The thing is, the new one looks like it has red-ish lighting on it, like if it's sundown. But that's good.

Left:Old from you
Middle: New from you
Right: Small thing by me

On the mushroom and sprite I think the light is just a tiny bit off. In my edits I made them darker to the right (and further away on the sprite) to make it look like the light is coming from the left. On the sprite I changed most of the shading and added it to the right part of it, because that part should be further away and not as exposed to the light. If you look at the hair I made it plain, but shaded to the right, because I think shading details look a little wrong on such small sprites. Though if you like your hair better, then keep it of course. I also used selective outlining( don't have outlines everywhere because it might look better if you color or remove part of it).

Those things I just posted now are not very important compared to other things, but consider them. You don't have to post anymore edits here now, I think you're pretty much done. Just keep making new works, and improving ;)
Title: Re: Hi there :)
Post by: Derek_R on November 08, 2005, 09:44:30 pm
Thanks tons for the tips! ;D I'll keep them in mind  :).