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Title: [LESSONS] Pixel Art Teacher
Post by: zathos on March 02, 2020, 01:31:59 pm

I love Pixel Art. Everytime I see a character drawn or a piece of environment, my heart melts.
My biggest dream since I was a kid is to make a pixel art game all by myself.
I'm a programmer and for this reason programming a game was never a problem, unfortunately I cannot say the same thing for the art.

I tried many times Pixel Art, together with drawing. However, due to lack of guidance and patience everytime I failed, I stopped....but then I began again, repeating the circle.

I really would like to start from scratch, with a teacher that can show me everything from the ground up and personalizing the learning based on my progress.

More or less that's what I'm offering:

What I would like to receive:

At first I would like to make a trial lesson, in order to see how it goes.
Please send me a PM or you can chat with me in discord: Zathos#4333

Thank you,