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Title: 8 Direction Isometric Sprites
Post by: xix on February 26, 2020, 12:16:55 am

I'm redoing the art for my game. The sprites will be resized 3x on a 1080p screen, so these are 3x resizes I made before deciding to come to Pixelation to get a crit. The sprites used to be 4dir 16x16 sprites, and I am upping it to 8dir and a loose 20x20. The animations are approximate --- the attacks will play the starting, active, finishing, and recovering frames of the sprite at different rates depending on the item used.



This is a regression image of my sprites. I really liked how the sprites initially looked (right) at 16x16 for a 480x270 screen, but I did not like my first pass at new sprites (middle) for a larger 640x360 screen. I ended up redoing the 20x20 spriteset also filling in diagonals.

I'm hoping to get discerning eyes on the second redo at 20x20 before pushing forward. The sprites are going to be part of a compositing system for weapons, so the attack animations are less animations and more separate parts of larger attacks.