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Title: Lying poze
Post by: Xenon02 on December 25, 2019, 10:05:11 pm
Hi everybody :)
I have a little problem with a character.
I'm trying to create a "homeless" person (he is necessary for my friends game)
The pose it self seems ok I guess, but I have some problem with the colors. I don't know if the arm,armpit looks like ok, blanket seems ok

Check it out by yourself.

Title: Re: Lying poze
Post by: eishiya on December 26, 2019, 12:23:23 am
People lying down rarely stay completely stretched out, they typically bend at the knees and hunch inward. This means a person lying down will typically appear shorter than they would standing up, and their shoulders won't stick straight up. Their chest will probably not be fully lit either.

Here's an edit incorporating what I meant (and some tweaks to the grey blanket to add more hue-shifting)

(By the way, this forum has a built-in zoom feature, so you can post your artwork at 1x! Posting at 1x makes it easier for people to look at your art in various zoom levels, and makes it easier to make edits for you.)
Title: Re: Lying poze
Post by: Xenon02 on December 26, 2019, 01:09:57 am
Hi eishiya !

To be honest it's hard for me to see what collor is what here (half of the hoodie is covered in shadow but it looks like it's linked with arm I don't know why :D)

Oh and this blanket looks to great :D When I was making the grey color even darker, I couldn't make this purple color so I thought it was ok but I see I could use purple as well.

Like I did in my last character
I thought that the hoodie will fit this guy as well.
Oh and I know that this site can increase the picture, but I have to upload it to some site (I'm using imgur)
So it makes it automatically large.

I'll try to make some edit as well, I would be glad If you could check my next post :)
Thanks for reply
Title: Re: Lying poze
Post by: Xenon02 on December 26, 2019, 02:31:11 pm
So well :D

I've changed a bit the hoodie, added a color that shows the most highlighted spots, changed a bit upper hand and arm, and blanket.

What do you think about it ? I've tried my best to get the best light and dark colors for grey :D