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Title: [CC] [WIP] [Nudity] Some game art. Questions about environment & UI design.
Post by: Marie Taylor on November 21, 2019, 09:00:21 am

These are my humans. They're naked because they were originally for ss13.

But now they're not. In this project I wanted information to be the main goal of the art, so I'd make the environments as minimalist as possible. But I don't really draw environments. I wanted to show the humans for context on why the environments might look a little washed out. There's a plan. Maybe it's a bad plan.


So this is what I have now for grass and... I spent a few [too much time] trying to make some kind've dirt I liked and here I am with a single fill color. I made some thingies. They look okay I guess.

Thingies: (https://i.imgur.com/1ksGvJY.png)

And some UI stuff. Mostly character emotes. I feel a little lost on how to organize a menu. How do I even border a button or a portrait?


I guess they look okay as buttons. Got a shoot button, a... feather button.

I just wonder if there are any tips anyone has on environmental design or UI design in games. I usually draw people.

Thank you!