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Title: []WIP[] Geisha Mask Desires Coloring Input
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~drats dunno why the images dont show up. o.O *fixed(HAHA I DID IT!) muahahhahhaaah!

These are the sprites I have been working on for Yazi and Bixi Ultra Smash. It's going be like PacMan Bubble Bobble and Bust a Move with some crazy Tetris Tricks but side-scrolling unlike PacMan. The Geisha Mask will be like the Spooks in PacMan yo no doubt. However I am having trouble with the coloring *Sighs deeply. You can see I have honestly tried. LOL *yelps again. *sighs *facepalm. but it's not working out NO JOKE :(~~ Any help would be appreciated or guidance by World's Greatest Pixelater'z ON THE PLANET! that we ARE. Yes Indeed XD

~J.A.B [^_^]_/]]]] <FistbumpIT  second thought*me tinkz I came on LIL too Strong, yep. definitely overdid it there. *sighs *facepalm