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Title: Digital/Pixel Artists - Tilesets, Character Designs/Animation, VFXs.
Post by: Dargoth2012 on April 03, 2019, 03:01:09 am
Currently on the search for talented Pixel and Digital Artists to help create various assets for my project. Each particular subset may require a different crop of skills, so do make sure to read closely.

For this particular set of sprites - I've been building off of pre-made tilesets. Purchased from Pixanna, an artist from RPGMaker. Notably, this is NOT pixel art, but digital art. Meaning its essentially just detailed, cartoon-styled made in a manner that sometimes appear adjacent to pixel art.

To make tilesets, you'd have to be familiar with copying the coloring palette of the original Tiles, and also using them to shade in the same manner that Pixanna has. In addition to adding onto the pre-existing tiles, I'll also be looking to expand and create different regions. Your goal will be to make assets that are cohesive with the former.


These primarily revolve around the presentation of magical abilities - like attacking spells, defenses - as well as game effects, such as a prompt that spawns when a character levels up. No VFX have yet to be completed for the project, and as such, you'd be task with drafting up the style and making it look cohesive with the character art as well. The VFX in the game should be pixel art, but highly detailed and spruced up with Adobe to give it a glowing effect more often than not. While there are not effects yet done, I'll list an imgur that showcases the type of look I'm generally going for.


Characters Designs

Last but not least comes character designs. This category involves creating different character bases that are applicable either for players [in that they are the main character sprites and highly customizable] or for NPCs - the latter of which is usually in the form of Enemies or Merchants. In addition to designing characters, I'd also look to have a multitude of different hairstyles and clothing created - in addition to animations for all of the above.

As the image below will detail, character designs are strictly based on pixel art.



Rate of pay is up for negotiation. Starting price is $20 per hour.

Email: atomixgamez01@gmail.com
Discord: Atomix#5057
Title: Re: Digital/Pixel Artists - Tilesets, Character Designs/Animation, VFXs.
Post by: Dargoth2012 on May 03, 2019, 10:56:06 am

I'm still looking for someone that can handle the tilesets!