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Title: Official Off-Topic Thread 2019
Post by: Kiana on March 08, 2019, 06:53:51 am
Happy 2019! Better late than never, right? 8) You can post about anything here that doesn't quite fit anywhere else or deserve its own thread.

Last year's thread is here (https://pixelation.org/index.php?topic=21852.0).
Title: Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2019
Post by: pistachio on July 15, 2019, 08:20:45 am

Sprytile: https://chemikhazi.itch.io/sprytile
Looks like it takes from Crocotile but it's all in Blender. Maybe not worth a bump but, hey, it was cool.
Title: Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2019
Post by: Rydin on April 07, 2020, 01:02:28 am
I finally finished a game.
It's taken since 2008. The game's been done since 2012. I'm only getting the guts to show people in 2020.

Hopefully my next game will be a bit faster in the development cycle...


More information can be found here: https://gum.co/tNSrd

As always, comments and critiques.   ;D
Title: Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2019
Post by: Rydin on April 27, 2020, 08:13:46 am
My inner child is proud that my outer adult can still post on Pixelation.  :lol:

My inner adult is afraid that we will lose the priceless wealth, the zillions of hours accumulating pixel value, to internet rot or devious raiders. It's especially apparent going way back to old posts. Pixelation is becoming the old spooky wooden shack on the hill full of ancient scrolls in dead languages nobody remembers how to read.

How can this be preserved and archived? We need ideas people.
Else a wildfire may someday burn down our precious monastery.

Title: Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2019
Post by: Blick on May 01, 2020, 11:33:57 pm
While I miss some of my personal creations due to hosting drops, hard drives being lost or destroyed, and the rot of time, I've also accepted that much of mine and others works will be temporary given a scale of time long enough. I used to save everything when I was younger, with the intent of hoarding it all forever. Now I just enjoy the memories.

It is nice to see Pixelation is still functioning though.
Title: Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2019
Post by: bengo on September 29, 2020, 09:17:49 pm
Pixelation's forum setup is unfortunately, or fortunately in some ways, outdated. There are some benefits to the traditional internet forum but people have moved onto new formats. It's not only outdated in the usual sense, even the featured gallery is out-dated (one artist in particular, it's a bit awkward to have his art up there after certain events happened). Some of the gallery is missing vital pictures to see the progress (in hindsight, featured forum posts should have had backup images saved).

I think the only way we could see a true Pixelation revival is if we had OG heavy hitters come back and if we had events/challenges.

I do my best to be active on here but some of the newer folk don't seem as interested in critique or practicing fundamentals (though to be fair, back in the day I was pretty similiar) and that hurts my morale. Nothing lasts forever but it's nice to have the nostalgia and see that, while it is outdated, we can come back and feel like it's 2006 again.