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Title: [Feedback] [C+C] 4-Color Mink
Post by: Ma3vis on December 25, 2018, 10:40:45 pm
Not sure if Mink: (https://i.imgur.com/d39ZdcI.png)

...or pig-weasle. Help!!
Title: Re: [Feedback] [C+C] 4-Color Mink
Post by: loni_art on December 25, 2018, 11:43:31 pm
well, i cant really say much asides from 2 tips
study simple shapes like cubes or spheres
study how thing is shaded
coz i dont really understand whats going on here! anyways, heres an edit
also remember the last point of the quick tips when you make a new thread!
Title: Re: [Feedback] [C+C] 4-Color Mink
Post by: Ma3vis on December 26, 2018, 12:36:29 am
Thnx Loni but not sure how one studies shading,
Other than looking at lighting rendered in 3D game engines Still even that "study" is misleading
It's hard to look at these tutorials and 3D renders and understand how the art of shading is done

For example the feet in my first attempt has more lightning whereas your's is more shaded
Maybe it was more of the use of lightning as the problem, as in using it as an outline rather?
You also go further down on your lighting on the back leg to bring it out more thru contrast I see

Edit: (https://i.imgur.com/3uG5Zty.png)
It was good but had too much dog-face
Title: Re: [Feedback] [C+C] 4-Color Mink
Post by: eishiya on December 26, 2018, 12:54:58 am
You're getting ahead of yourself re: studying lighting. Work with basic forms so that you can develop an intuition for how light behaves. Study spheres, cylinders, cubes, pyramids, etc. Find objects in real life that have simple forms (coffee mugs are often cylindrical, a thick paperback is a rectangular prism, balls are spheres, etc), and draw them in various lighting situations (different times of day, or if you have a lamp or flash light, position that in various ways).
Study more complex forms such as animals later, but when you start that, try to break them down into the basic forms. Once you've gotten comfortable with simple forms, you'll find that complex forms are also much easier.

You seem so focused on details that you seem to have missed the most important change in loni_art's edit: the focus on the forms (and consistent lighting), whereas your original had lighting that made no sense, and details that drowned out the forms. Their edit is not without problems, but its clear forms and clean shapes are something you could learn from. The anatomy in their edit may be incorrect, but every body part is clear and readable.

Edit: Your recent edit is better! The body reads much more clearly. Watch out for how the legs are attached, though. Look at ref of real minks, you'll find that the upper parts of their front legs attach differently from how you think.
Title: Re: [Feedback] [C+C] 4-Color Mink
Post by: pebblesage on December 26, 2018, 02:01:40 am

Did some small edits here and there.

Edit : A pixel next to an eye changed to white to show a more uniform pattern.