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Title: [Paid] Spriter and environmental artist for a top down sci-fi game
Post by: so1us on November 23, 2018, 04:22:57 pm

My name is Joson and I'm currently starting work on a 3/4th perspective, top down, narrative driven adventure game. As this is my first job post (or post at all) please do correct me or advise if anything needs to changed in the post to make it appropriate. I'm posting here as I've seen some really beautiful work from several artists but wasn't sure how best to reach out in a standardized manner to receive expressions of interests from artists in one easy place, so I thought placing a job post might be best.

Project Title: The Long Goodbye

Description of company:

It's not a company at the moment, just me as an individual working on the game. I'll be using the very simple RPG Maker engine (without the RPG or Battle mechanics) to tell a choice driven adventure game similar to To The Moon and Always Sometimes Monsters. I do hope to eventually release a commercial version or seek crowdfunding at some stage in the cycle. While I'd love to work with a artist who'd be willing to work fully or party on a rev share basis I do understand the risk involved in spending your time to work on art for a game that may never see the light of day so this is definitely a paid job.

Description of the game:

It's a sci fi game set on a space station, so while much of the work required will be set in the future, part of the game includes time travel, so there will be scope to work on multiple different environments (such as forest, deserts etc.).

Talent/work requirements:

At the moment I'd love to stay away from the standard base assets that come available with RPG Maker (but I am using it as placeholder while I prototype and flesh out the game). That being said, while I'd love to go completely custom with the art, it would very much depend on the final budget for the work required. The artist(s) I'm looking for should be able to comfortably create art for two main aspects of the game: character sprites (inc animations) as well as environmental art (backgrounds, individual assets). I don't mind working with two different artists if needed but the style should be complementary. There is no hard and fast deadlines but I'd ideally like a steady stream of work to be done every month till the game is completed. How much work would be done each month would depend on the artists availability and the budget I can allocate per month.

The artist should be able to ideally stamp their style of art to the entire game to give it a unique look and feel. The art should not be low detail and at minimum 16bit style (like the old school RPG's on the SNES like Chrono Trigger etc.).


This is a paid position and I'd ideally like to make all payments via PayPal. Terms of payment would be 50% up front and 50% upon delivery and I'd like to start small to build a trusting relationship between myself and the artist so initally it might be payment for a few assets instead of a whole set of work. Based on the comfort level between the artist and myself I'd happily extend the payment to cover larger milestone releases when we are both comfortable.

The main issue I have is that I'm not sure what a reasonable budget will be. I read that the approx. cost on the low end for art is USD 15/hr and to be honest even this is something that would stretch my budget (but maybe for a fixed amount of work per month I could make that work). I cannot afford anything more than that at the moment and would ideally like to find a partner who would work for even less if possible (but for a guaranteed amount of work per month).

Contact details:

If anyone is interested in the work or has more questions feel free to reach out to me at joson.chokatte@gmail.com for more information. Or if you have a portfolio of work and ideally a rate you would like to work with (either per hour, per asset or any other proposed method).

Again, as mentioned earlier if something doesn't adhere to standard pls do let me know and I'd be happy to change it.

Title: Re: [Paid] Spriter and environmental artist for a top down sci-fi game
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private message and email sent
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I sent you an email :)
Title: Re: [Paid] Spriter and environmental artist for a top down sci-fi game
Post by: so1us on November 27, 2018, 06:24:41 am
Hi everybody. I just wanted to give everyone interested a quick update. Firstly thank you for the responses! It's great to hear back from so many talented artists. I'm in the process of going through all the information and summarizing the responses so I can more easily get back to everyone.

Pls give me a few more days to revert to all of you, thanks again!