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Title: 8-Bit Overworld Batman
Post by: thesydneylad on November 01, 2018, 08:24:39 am
I've done all I can with this sprite, but I'm not 100% confident (this sprite is completed, though). The design is based on the 60's incarnation, since the game would technically be released for the NES.

The idea was to have a Fire Emblem-inspired strategy RPG game.

Batman is meant to be holding the batarang, but I had a real hard time portraying just a boomerang because of the limited space.

Originally, I wanted to upload two different characters on the same post, but maybe there's a few critiques I can take in before I start another project.


Batman Reference:


Fire Emblem Overworld Sprite:
Title: Re: 8-Bit Overworld Batman
Post by: eishiya on November 01, 2018, 01:00:37 pm
I think the Batarang might look fine once combat animations (or something) give it some context.

The anatomy could use a bit of work. Batman's torso and arms appear to be another pair of legs, the thicknesses and lengths are so similar xP

You don't need the visible eye-holes, since there's no good way to position them at this size and Batman reads plenty well without.

Here's an edit with some tweaks to the anatomy, removed eyeholes, and a few other changes:
- I showed a bit of the cape at the bottom to make it look more like a cape. I removed its outline so that it doesn't clash with Batman himself. Capes are great for making characters read well on a variety of backgrounds, and it's not a huge problem if they blend in with the background a bit themselves.
- the anatomy tweaks opened up the chest, creating room for the Batman logo
- I widened the bat-ear a bit, so that it reads better and is less likely to get lost on a dark background.
Title: Re: 8-Bit Overworld Batman
Post by: thesydneylad on November 01, 2018, 06:46:31 pm
I almost made a perfect sprite. Oh well.

Thanks eishiya.