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Title: Vodoo Cavern Background (WIP)
Post by: willfaulds on November 30, 2006, 03:01:13 pm
Hello all,

I've decided to use this wonderful resource and ask for C&C - i think this piece is at an early enough stage to be altered but far enough along that you can see where its heading?

My pixeling background is in character and animation.  This piece is a major diversion from my comfort zone.

Please view at 2x.

(http://willfaulds.com/pixel-arts/background_pixel.gif)  ->  (http://willfaulds.com/pixel-arts/back_pixel3.gif)

Colours are near to their final resting place but palette suggestions are welcomed. (10 col's (some extras have crept in and will be removed when done) - web output so no real restriction but I like to keep things minimal)

EDIT: updated but struggling to finish
Title: Re: Vodoo Cavern Background (WIP)
Post by: EyeCraft on November 30, 2006, 03:29:36 pm
Well this is looking really marvellous! I think you need to just work on tightening up the lighting and shadows and it will be excellent. Is this for any particular project, btw?

I'm assuming the light on the ground is a reflection of the light hitting the ceiling? If so I believe the whole ground should be much dimmer, and the highlight for it should be more saturated (I'm reasonably sure that would be the case, anyway). Aside from reflection, direct light from the lightsource pretty much shouldn't hit the ground, I believe.

I think the light hitting the ceiling should have a little more coverage (I'm looking centre-top here), rather than the patchiness it has at the moment...that would give the lighting on the floor more sense, imo.

I think there should be another subtle highlight tone being used on the stalagmites closer to the lightsource, to give more of a transition, or perception of fade-off to the lightsource, basically to give it more depth, and to lead the eye even more to that centre-piece.

The 2x1 dither present throughout alot of the dark zones is putting me off, I think you should rework it to a less rigid dither that allows for smoother and more varied and textured transition of tone.

The centrepiece (mouth, throne, altar, whatever it is) is a little rough in some places, work some AA in to really smoothen it and pronounce its form. Also, I think the shading on the palatine process (excuse me, studying anatomy atm ;) i mean the "roof of the mouth") should have much more highlight and less shadow, I mean, compare it to the shading on the top of the stone bricks opposite it.

Also, I don't think the shading on the "nose" is accurate, it appears to me that it should be angled up, which means its primary lightsource would be light reflected from the roof, which I believe would mean the shading on the nose would be dimmer and more saturated. Same for the teeth.

Ok, its nearly 2am and I'm just back from work so that's all you can glean from me for now ;). Good luck with it, it's really shaping up to be an excellent, moody, atmospheric piece.

EDIT: Oh also, you don't need to post a 2x zoom, pixelation has a built in zoom feature (clicking on the image)
Title: Re: Vodoo Cavern Background (WIP)
Post by: hidden killer on December 01, 2006, 08:40:44 am
looking great but dim...
kind of like very dark
and nice colors
Title: Re: Vodoo Cavern Background (WIP)
Post by: willfaulds on December 01, 2006, 10:52:50 am
Thanks EyeCraft - very impressed with your critique particularly for that time in the morning!

I've started having a look at some of your points;

The light on the ground at the front is reflected light plus another very dim spot light (hole in cavern roof) - The patch is where most of the action will be going on.  I think maybe posting my mock design would be of some use [design mock now present in first post] - can't reveal too much about the contents of the game but this is one of the final steps of production so keep your eye on this post...

Agreed on ceiling lighting - working (generally pushing focal point outwards)

Highlight tone could be easily added and I will definitely experiment with one - probably a final tweak.

2x1 dither will slowly dissappear as I work outwards.

The Skull does need some more work unfortunately - its a pain! I've reworked the shading on the nose which was definitely off - not sure about inside the mouth though - the high contrast works in my mind for focal and composition purposes but I will trial it and see what people think.

Thanks again much appreciated

PS the zoom thing was just me making as easy as possible for people to view it as intended.

Title: Re: Vodoo Cavern Background (WIP)
Post by: Souly on December 01, 2006, 11:00:57 am
Well, the forum has a built in zoom feature.
So we can see it x2 at any time. :B
Title: Re: Vodoo Cavern Background (WIP)
Post by: willfaulds on December 01, 2006, 02:03:16 pm
hidden killer: thanks - too dark?

souly: double size removed. it was to stop people overlooking the fact that it is to be viewed 2x but alas....
Title: Re: Vodoo Cavern Background (WIP)
Post by: willfaulds on January 18, 2007, 05:04:58 pm
bump - updated in first post - could really use some advice on how to finish this off. im stuggling although pushing forwards i feel.
Title: Re: Vodoo Cavern Background (WIP)
Post by: sharprm on January 19, 2007, 09:33:31 am
Looks good. Only problem I have with it is that the only light source is probably the fire in the mouth of the
skull. If that was the case, the teeth, jaw etc. would be shaded how it is now, but the rest of the skull wouldn't
be lit so brightly. This is because the light reaching it would have had to reflect off the cavern, as so it would
be darker. 

I did an edit to see if purples look good. Added extra colors to make it smoother ( I think yours at the moment looks like a screenshot from a good old school game but i prefer smooth stuff).

Title: Re: Vodoo Cavern Background (WIP)
Post by: willfaulds on January 19, 2007, 12:18:53 pm
Thanks sharprm,

I'll have a bash at some variations to conform to a lightsource - i have been wondering about adding another shade to give more depth (this is something i've not properly addressed since eyecraft mentioned it) maybe ill post 2 different versions. 1 with existing lightsource and 1 with added lightsource.

I think this one conforms to the single lightsource alot more.