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Title: Does Mega Man X4 use pixel art? [newb]
Post by: thesydneylad on June 26, 2018, 07:38:00 am
Hey...uh...total newb question, and I don't trust my own judgement, let alone trying to find an answer for this question by Googling it. Reason why I'm not sure is because [while I can't think of other titles other than MMX] the 2D titles from the 32-bit generation looks amazing, even being able to create some kind of 'rounded' or dimension with the characters, and the thing that confuses me is, if this level of quality was available when the SNES was around, why wasn't it strong enough to maintain the pixel art?

So, below are sprites for X and the boss characters for you to have a look at. Are these sprites pixel art, so it be possible to reach this standard using a program like GraphicsGale, or were they created with more complicated means?


(some) Bosses:



Title: Re: Does Mega Man X4 use pixel art? [newb]
Post by: pistachio on June 26, 2018, 07:55:14 am

A few of these sprites look like more than 2D but don't let it fool you. Capcom has a LONG track record of producing 2D art that kicks enough ass to appear 3D (semi automated) or even to appear to raise the visual limitations of a platform. Really the raw skill of dedicated artists churning out that work. Probably the same here. Tho frankly most of these did not fool me.
Just consider the amount of work you have to put in, if 2D is the best for that, and that if you want to learn and bring in 3D into your pipeline you have to trade in some artistic control for that efficiency.

BTW might want to link some of these images, long posts can be a bit annoying.
Title: Re: Does Mega Man X4 use pixel art? [newb]
Post by: thesydneylad on June 26, 2018, 08:45:34 am
I didn't know that the links would actually display themselves as hyperlinks.

Thanks for the information. Capcom's outstanding with this work.