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Title: Grave Days
Post by: denzilb55 on March 28, 2018, 12:02:05 pm
I am developing a game called Grave Days https://denzilb55.itch.io/grave-days (https://denzilb55.itch.io/grave-days).

Free, reusable tester key: https://denzilb55.itch.io/grave-days/download/ucfFdAjHLolgIuJAoNu1kcnqmGL9yYoSvC64bKCI

It is a game about surviving a Zombie Apocalypse - kind of like Project Zomboid in a sense. The game play will be a quite different though as my goals and overall theme will be different. It will be a survival game where you will ultimately die - but before doing so you will unlock new things for another play through and permanently alter the world you are playing in in certain ways. So it will have some Roguelike elements.

I would also like to do this in the style of something like Moonlighter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2awAyseeq0s

I currently have someone helping me out with cover art and perhaps also art for stories in game, who I think is pretty good. But I do still need help with the in game sprites, which will be animated character sprites, terrain textures and tiles and also objects in the world. I will be putting up paid job offers soon.

It's still quite early on, but I am progressing quite fast and the art work is just not keeping up.

PS. How do I actually attach images here?