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Title: Shopping? Of course not! We're racing!
Post by: Indigo on July 24, 2005, 04:55:00 am
just a little about me:

so okay - my friends show up at my house everynight at about midnight and want me to do stuff with em.  After buying a "german baker's dozen," (which is shoving every possible donut that can fit into the box...and say theres only 12 inside) we sit around wondering what we should do.  Then it hit us!  lets go down to the mall (which is closed by then), grab some shopping carts and race!  It was an instant hit among us teens up here in utah.

basically, you just sit in a shopping cart while holding onto the back of a truck.  The truck will do some crazy turns and such and then finally do a final sharp turn for the carts to fling off of.  The two carts then 'race' by seeing who will go the farthest.  Either that or whoever survives crashing into a curb of an island in the middle of a parking lot.  :D

recently that hasn't been good enough for us.  We decided to do 2 things: 1) become pro shopper riders with mad trix and  2) break the land speed record for a shopping cart.  so we started to research.  I'll use these numbers to explain our research of each...

1) become the worlds first pro shopping cart riders:
well we've done some testing of lots of carts recently.  from sturdy metal to cracking plastic.  But just untill recently we have not found a cart perfect enough for use to do nice carves and swings.  FAMILY DOLLAR!!! dun dUN DUN!  The carts from 'family dollar' are perfect.  very light weight, metal, sturdy, small, smooth.  but after having our fun with the FD carts we still weren't satisfied. we needed more ways to do trix.  IDEA - put all 4 wheels of the cart on rolling casters!  we wold be able to do carves, 360's, swings, backwards, and even switches of the sort.  we began editing our cart today and have yet to ride it.  we took out all of the kid seat stuff and all evidence that it once was a fd cart.  we are in the process of painting it black and adding a big yellow flaming smiley-face in the front.  ::)

2) Break the landspeed record for a shopping cart:
well thats all fine and dandy, but what exactly is the record set at currently?  that took a little research, but we tracked it down.  some canadian chick broke the record at 45 mph going down a hill untill her fine tuned caster wheels went out.  unfortunately after breaking the landspeed record, she also broke the road-rash record right after.  and although we haven't started building our speed cart quite yet, here is the plan:  add in 4 fixed inflatible tires (instead of casters,) wide wheel base, weighted bottom, wearing full protective gear (including: pads, helmet, leather, and such.)  We'd be pulled by a car in a wide and smooth open area (know of such a place?).  We were thinking of the salt flats, but that may be too rough.

although shopping cart racing is fun - we're running out of places to go.  the mall has a warrent out for our arrest (or so it seems), cosco as upgraded their sucurity since we've been racing there, and church parking lots are way too small we decided....well thats about it for me.  let me know what you think....or any ideas or whatnot.
Title: Re: Shopping? Of course not! We're racing!
Post by: Peppermint Pig on July 24, 2005, 06:35:40 am
Need to find a place with a slope... Can a car be used to get your cart going?

Look up race tracks in the area, and then ask if you can test it. I think such a track would be understanding about you trying to break a record, but they may ask you for some money to use the facilities. Anyways, that's your best bet. And I KNOW there are race tracks out there in Utah, so no excuses. Take your hobby sport to the next level :)
Title: Re: Shopping? Of course not! We're racing!
Post by: Indigo on July 24, 2005, 11:42:46 pm
sounds like a sure plan, pep.  I'll make a few calls and such.  and yes, a cart would be used to get you going.

some more ideas from last night:
a huge shopping cart durby.  send an invitation to all the near-by engineering colleges to compete in a downhill course. some requirements would include: steering, breaks, size restrictions, weight restrictions, personal safty, shopping cart safty features etc.  There would be an entrance fee and whoever wins the race gets to take home the purse.  I think we're getting a little too ambitious

anyway: me and my friends have a video diary of our lives.  alot of the video pertains to our shopping cart racing as well as alot of other funny things we do.  maybe I'll try to upload some clips
Title: Re: Shopping? Of course not! We're racing!
Post by: goat on August 06, 2005, 04:54:05 pm
Utah must be more boring than I thought
Title: Re: Shopping? Of course not! We're racing!
Post by: Indigo on August 27, 2005, 08:20:31 am
dang.....not in utah anymore....my parents last week woke me up saying, "we're moving to cali and we've got to be out by next week."  I just got here today........i think i saw a shopping cart down the street though......I wonder if these california desert folk will mind me taking it for a spin.........wow, I miss my girl friend.  You never know how much you truely love em untill something happends to them.......or you...... i really like these dot things........yeah.....im gunna go cry some more and play the piano.....bye
Title: Re: Shopping? Of course not! We're racing!
Post by: Peppermint Pig on August 27, 2005, 08:47:26 am
Sucks for you. Next time, handcuff yourself to your girl, and swallow the key :P

Why in the hell would you move to California? Expensive... Where are you at specifically?

Don't be emo, pixel a tribute to your old girl, and look forward to the good times ahead. :)
Title: Re: Shopping? Of course not! We're racing!
Post by: Indigo on August 27, 2005, 04:09:55 pm
lol. if only i had some handcuffs handy.  I think i might have some child playtoy handcuffs from many years ago, but i already swallowed that key a long time ago.  We moved to california, believe it or not, due to money problems.  My parents and I are now living in my grandmas house in a place called Apple Valley (about 2 hours away from everything big).  I dont think she'll charge us much.

besides, there is no way i can't be emotional about this.  I seriousely have never met anybody thats as perfect as Danielle.  I can't even fathom being with anyone else and being nearly as happy as i was with her.  meh, i promised i'd come back for her once i turned 18.....maybe then i'll pull out the hand cuffs.

and i think i will do a pixel tribute.  I've already written and given her a song though... oh well
Title: Re: Shopping? Of course not! We're racing!
Post by: Mercury Rising on August 28, 2005, 09:43:47 pm
My brother did something like that.  It ended like this though.
-They stole the shopping carts from path mark and raced them around the block down the big hill.  Then they just rammed them in our front driveway
-Then our neighbors came home
-Hint: Our neighbor is the manager of the PathMark they stole the carts from.
-Hint2: It says PathMark in huge letters on the side of the carts
-Need I say more?

PS Its legal to have a concealed weapon In Utah on a