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Title: Interview of Mandrill
Post by: A2J2TIWARI on February 13, 2018, 06:26:59 pm
Hey guys,

I have just interviewed Mandrill, Moderator of PixelJoint. He is amazing guy, who loves movies and beer and so many amazing stories to share!

Here's an Excerpt from it:
I've never really tried to get better per se, but rather focused on understanding and getting a feeling for colour, lighting, texture, aa, form etc. in order to make working on a piece easier and not as time consuming. Lots of studies, especially Paul Bonner's work. (as mentioned above). I basically tried to simplify my workflow which is not that complicated at all. ;)
All I want is to look at a piece I did and get a warm cozy feeling in my gut. :)
I don't use any traditional media at all, but used to scribble with brush pens a lot.

Read the entire conversation here: Interview of a Legend - Mandrill (https://kubaergaming.weebly.com/blog/interview-of-a-legend-mandrill)