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Title: More Sci-Fi Tiles
Post by: facecrime on October 05, 2017, 09:16:23 pm

I posted some tile test boards on here earlier.
Here's another patch, would be happy to get some constructive criticism.



My concerns are over general readability of objects in this very constrained perspective, and general value/contrast to seperate traversable, blocked and bullet-permissive areas.
I guess I'll only really know once i get around to creating characters and fx.

I'll update this thread with more stuff as it becomes available.
Title: Re: More Sci-Fi Tiles
Post by: questseeker on October 06, 2017, 08:09:08 am
The problems with colors, textures and contrast remain.

Technically, the tiles fit very well, with the only issue being the gaps in the outer walls.
The walls look unnatural because on a starship there is a strong expectation of continuous, tough and redundant airtight enclosures, and the thick light grey outer walls look like they should be one of the most important such structures (in fact, they are probably the main ship hull).
So interrupted and missing walls are bad, but you are already able to fix them by using filled exterior corners (similar to the current interior corners) instead of the current wall-end braces, and by adding walls where they are omitted.

In the new examples the hexagonal floor tiles are well designed but incompatible with the square grid (deliberately tall or wide hexagons would look better than the current wannabe regular ones) and even more incompatible with the rectangular room shapes. However, the exaggerated edges are a good starting point to improve rectangular floor tiles.

The dirty concrete (?) texture, while not bad by itself, is very out of place: dirt, moss and cracks should not exist on a starship. Use it for ground environments (roads, airfields, courtyards...) if there are any.
Title: Re: More Sci-Fi Tiles
Post by: facecrime on October 06, 2017, 09:44:55 pm
@questseeker: some good input, thanks! Fair point about the holes and I think the spotty lighting makes it even worse on the light walls

I should probably contextualize my stuff a little: these are supposed to be military base interiors and underground bunker structures respectively.
I'm still missing lots of tiles, the more unique key visual stuff; but for now i want to focus on more reusable tile sets to cover some ground

Not sure if I share your strictness on the hex ones, I thought it nicely breaks the rigidity of the square grid. They're of course nothing exciting or particularly well done, thats for sure

And yeah, havent yet taken care of the brightness issue, shame on my lazy ass. Will get to it, cheers!

Either way, thanks for your time and great suggestions!