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Title: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: jun on July 24, 2017, 07:13:56 pm
Please refer to this thread before requesting help finding a link or choosing a program, because chances are your answer is on this thread.

Here is a collection of various links that will probably come in handy from time to time.
If you are willing to share anything, don't hesitate and post it here (do not chitchat on this thread if you have nothing to contribute though), but remember, illegal software or similar items are strictly forbidden.

If there are any errors or anything that needs to be fixed, feel free to drop me a PM.

Pixelation is not responsible for any content on the external links, so click at your own risk.


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- JOBS -

... And of course The Search bar and Google are always your friends!

- Dead and/or irrelevant links-
PD Pro Digital Painter - http://www.squirreldome.com/cyberop.htm - free - win
PixelStudio - http://pixelstudio.virtualuna.de/ - free - win
ProjectOne (c64) - http://noname.c64.org/csdb/release/?id=39261 - free - win
JDraw - http://www.j-domain.de/homepage.php?page=20 - free - :java:
KDE Icon Editor - http://w1.1358.telia.com/~u135800018/prog.html - free - unix
Photobie - http://www.photobie.com/ - free - win
Toolkit - http://www.toolkitzone.com/toolkit.php?downloads - free  - win
SCI Studio - http://www.bripro.com/scistudio/index.php - free - win
IS-CGB-Character - http://www.intsys.co.jp/tools/cgb/character/download.html - free
Tile Set Maker - http://www.geocities.com/kzsite2/TileSetMaker3BETA.zip - free - win  -- blocked webpage | connection not private
MiniColorPicker - http://www.daantje.nl/gpl-projects/minicolorpicker/ - free - win - unix
St0ven - http://www.spriteart.com - [Mirror]
Zoggles - http://www.zoggles.co.uk/asp/tutorials.asp?show=index
Matriax - http://www.matriaxweb.com/tutoriales/tuto.htm
Pixelfreak (Iso) - http://www.pixelfreak.com/en/tutorial0.html
Rich Grilloti Pixeljam Games Article - Part 1 (http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article2455.asp) - Part 2 (http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article2462.asp) - Part 3 (http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article2466.asp)
Grass - http://www.elverquisst.se/tutorials/grasstut/grasstut.html
Coloring Tutorial - http://www.itchstudios.com/psg/main.php?id=ps55paint
Anatomy 2 - http://www.vh.org/adult/provider/anatomy/atlasofanatomy/index.html
Preston Blair's Animation Book Part 1 - http://www.animationarchive.org/2006/05/media-preston-blairs-animation-first.html
Preston Blair's Animation Book Part 2 - http://www.animationarchive.org/2006/05/media-preston-blairs-animation-1st.html
GFX Zone - http://www.gfxzone.org/frames.html
Bio Motion Lab - http://www.biomotionlab.ca/Demos/BMLwalker.html
Artnatomy (Facial Expressions App) - http://www.artnatomia.net/uk/artnatomy.html
Posemaniacs' 30 seconds Pose Drawing - http://www.posemaniacs.com/blog/thirtysecond - requires flash
Walk Cycle App - http://www.addictinggames.com/wireframeskeleton.html - requires flash
The Dig - 1 - http://home.comcast.net/~ervind/digbm1.html
The Dig - 2 - http://home.comcast.net/~ervind/digfacs.html
The Dig - 3 - http://home.comcast.net/~ervind/digsc1.html
RO Monster Database - http://www.roempire.com/database/?page=monsters&act=view
Gaming Ground Zero - http://www.gaminggroundzero.com/home.html
Emu Gif Animation - http://www3.emu-zone.org/host/emugif/index.htm
Emugifs - http://www.emugifs.emuita.it/
SF3 - http://www.zweifuss.com/
Guilty Gear Sprites - http://www.newwavemugen.com/~xenozip/#charactercostumes
Random Select - http://randomselect.i-xcell.com/
Mugen-Infantry - http://www.mugen-infantry.net/
Atomic Media - http://atomicmedia.net/
Adam Tierney -  http://www.adamtierney.com/
Adeptvormgeving - http://www.adept-vormgeving.com/
Ala Webstatt & Chmork.net - http://www.ala.ch/portfolio/
Artoholic -  http://www.artoholic.org/
Bongo - http://park12.wakwak.com/~bongo/
Dot16 - http://www.dot16.pixeltemple.com/
Drububu - http://www.drububu.com/
Electriconland - http://electriconland.com/
Etherbrian - http://etherbrian.typepad.com/
Final Redemption - http://finalredemption.com/index.htm
Fly Guy - http://www.trevorvanmeter.com/flyguy/
Henk Nieborg - http://www.henknieborg.nl/home.html
I am not original - http://www.iamnotoriginal.com/
Iconwax - http://hiroex.pure.cc/iwm/
Josh Astorian - http://www.joshastorian.com/
Keops - http://www.llama-land.net/keops/online/
Ku_Bo - http://members.at.infoseek.co.jp/KU__BO/dot.html
KYMG - http://kymg.net/
Littlefactory - http://www.littlefactory.com/
Monsoon2D - http://www.monsoon2d.com/
Move your feet - http://www.veer.com/ideas/move/
Paul Robertson - http://probertson.livejournal.com/
PixelBlocks - http://www.pixelblocks.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/pbonline
Pixelfreak - http://www.pixelfreak.com/
PixelJam - http://www.pixeljam.com/core/index.html
Pixeltees - http://pixeltees.com/
Pixinspace - http://www.pixinspace.com/
Pixture Studio - http://www.pixture.com/
Ronz - http://www.yomogi.sakura.ne.jp/~ronz/trash/
Sir's c64 Art Gallery - http://www.ravenger.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/gallery/index.htm
sj-gfx - http://sj-gfx.com/
Tanuki X - http://www.christessmer.com/
rpg-icons - http://rpg-icons.com/
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: Cyangmou on July 25, 2017, 02:26:49 pm
Great Work Jun :y:,
I just added a collection with the Pixelation Highlights right at the top, because it's basically what makes our community.
I felt like it would add a lot, hope you are ok with it.
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: questseeker on July 25, 2017, 03:23:18 pm
Some dead link repair, courtesy of the Wayback Machine and Google:

PixelStudio - http://pixelstudio.virtualuna.de/ - free - win
shifted to

JDraw - http://www.j-domain.de/homepage.php?page=20 - free - :java:
moved to
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: jun on July 25, 2017, 05:28:41 pm
@Cyangmou  :y: Hey man, whatever makes it better! Thanks a lot!
@Questseeker : Thanks, noted!
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: yaomon17 on July 25, 2017, 05:55:44 pm
Need additional help hosting and posting your pictures? Check this guide:  http://pixelation.org/pixelation/index.php?topic=3466.0

The link 404's should be

Other than that, spectacular work  :y:
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: pixelberntsen on July 27, 2017, 01:08:42 pm
In all modesty, I'd like to recommend my free, little pixel tool for iPhone and ipad...

www.pixelberntsen.com/nopaint (http://www.pixelberntsen.com/nopaint)
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: jun on July 27, 2017, 02:37:32 pm
Thanks for the recommendation! I'll note it down.
I'll only put up resources that the I personally or the community have tried and found useful.
I'm sorry, we can't put up every app out there, gotta keep it clean  :y: :)
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: yrizoud on August 04, 2017, 10:48:56 am
The original thread is archived, or completely deleted ? I know some software / links (arguably not notable enough to be in the "best of" list) were mentioned there, and now I don't know how to search them.
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: jun on August 05, 2017, 03:23:22 am
It's archived. I still have to go through the thread looking for more links, I'm just incredibly busy these days.
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: Shizuko on August 30, 2017, 12:47:33 pm

Could you add to Tools the Website

http://www.piskelapp.com/ (http://www.piskelapp.com/)

With this Web-App you can make easily Pixel Art there, i like it very much ^^
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: Ai on April 15, 2018, 02:35:08 pm
I just made this: Automated file-history tracker for *nix (https://github.com/0ion9/filehistory) after a brief discussion in PJ chat. It watches files and automatically tracks their revisions, in a 'plain directory containing numbered copies of file' format (meaning, in the case of pixel art, you can look through history easily using an ordinary image viewer)
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: API-Beast on June 14, 2018, 04:26:42 pm
PDF copy of "Charles Bargue Drawing Course", which has some good info on how drawing was taught in the 19th century.

https://archive.org/details/CharlesBargueDrawingCourse (https://archive.org/details/CharlesBargueDrawingCourse)

High resolution copies of the plates can be found here, for anyone who wants to improve their drawing accuracy by doing some Bargue drawings.

http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php/166289-Charles-Bargue-Drawings-Prints-to-download (http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php/166289-Charles-Bargue-Drawings-Prints-to-download)
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: pistachio on June 25, 2018, 12:26:59 pm
Art books in the public domain. (http://www.drawingbooks.org/)
Lowres copies. Bridgman is here.
CSDb (https://csdb.dk/)
Harold Speed - The Practice & Science of Drawing. (http://www.gutenberg.org/zipcat2.php/14264/14264-h/14264-h.htm)
Dated, LOTTA text, but great drawings intermittently.
Anatomy Studies Demo (http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php/1432-Anatomy-Studies-Demo-quot-Figure-Studies-quot)
^Most of the links are broken. Archived here (https://web.archive.org/web/20121019110202/http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?1432-Anatomy-Studies-Demo-quot-Figure-Studies-quot)

Tho this topic isn't updated anymore, better formats exist, and there's zilch demand...I miss it man, so I'll give it two cents. Might be more as I clear out old bookmarks.

BTW, might want to add the Discord link to OP, unless I'm not seeing it.

EDIT: added a couple more old gems. All art there, no tech or game dev yet. I don't think the caliber is high enough for the thread, it's stuff you can search, but they're worth a look. May update, but I don't want to spam this thread.
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: aureotoshi on December 27, 2018, 07:51:52 pm

I don't see Hexels here https://marmoset.co/hexels/ (https://marmoset.co/hexels/)

It seems a great tool.
Title: Re: Tools, Resources and Linkage.
Post by: aureotoshi on January 27, 2019, 12:08:04 pm
I want to share two programs, for me very nice, to do pixel art in any Android mobile.

Pixel Studio https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PixelStudio

Pixly https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meltinglogic.pixly

Both free or paid.

Very nice to pixel in the bed.  :lol: :lol: :lol: