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Title: Idk junk and anime
Post by: ChillTaco on June 25, 2017, 08:02:16 pm
Any opinions are cool. Even ones that consist of the words "nob, noob, suck, or succ."


Title: Re: Idk junk and anime
Post by: Silenia on June 26, 2017, 06:46:09 am
Nice start. Couple of issues, though:

*Something about Bluehair's sideview looks a bit "off", anatomically speaking. I'm having issues pinpointing the exact issue, though I think it's about the shape suggested by the hair's shape-'n'-shading on the one hand and the chin's angle on the other hand not matching up.

*I'm guessing that the different eye-sizes of Brownhair is intentional, since you've got it in both the small front-view and the sideview. However, in small-front, the right eye (viewer's left) is larger; in the side-view, the left eye (viewer's right; from hereon please presume that left=character's left, right=character's right) is larger.

*Purplehair's left lower arm is a bit malformed and it's hard to tell whether it's intentional. The left hand definitely is malformed and awkwardly so even if intentional. (The right hand's fingers also are a little, but going by the style you're displaying I'm guessing intentional there and you're hitting the a 'bit creepy' rather than 'o.O fingers don't work like that' effect there.)
The draped cloth is positioned in such a way that there is nothing actually keeping the upper portion in place. Even presuming some sort of wind effect on the part stretching past the character, it is hovering in front of instead of draped over the character's right shoulder.

*Bluehair seems to have had an eye-transplant between the two poses.

*The fur rims on Hornedhead's right (viewer's left) and left (viewer's right) arms don't match up with each other (even taking into account that the fur would be compressed/folded by the arm's bending, the left arm still suggests the fur rim is about twice to thrice as large on the outer arm as it is on the inner arm; right arm suggests 'same size all around); furthermore, presuming both are located just below the elbow (as suggested by the better-visible anatomy of the left arm), Hornedhead's right arm should have slightly more of the upper arm visible through the black ragged cloth. While I get what you're aiming at with the stomach muscles, they're a bit off anatomically. The eye seems slightly overly angled even taking into account the head's angle.

(A lot of this is at least partially stylistic stuff, as you seem to be going for some cross between the usual 'anime' style and a more 'horror'-based style, and there's some stuff I've opted not to point out because it almost certainly is deliberate stylistic choice. I've mostly chosen to point out a. inconsistencies and b. possibly-mistakes, possibly-choices-that-don't-quite-work at least imho.)
Title: Re: Idk junk and anime
Post by: ChillTaco on June 26, 2017, 09:22:29 pm
kinda glad you pointed all that stuff out cause these sketches be super rough and my anatamy is crapola half the time. Im also pretty surprised you saw the horror based stuuuf in my art cause most dont. That made me suuuupar happy.