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Title: Looking for Pixel Artist/Animator
Post by: Ohenoki on May 31, 2017, 09:04:11 am

Just been looking around to find places I can find pixel artists looking for work, and stumbled across this place.

My wife is learning to code for games, and I offered to help her out with art (the reason she is doing this is due to an illness which affects her ability to get a local job, so she was looking into ways she can do stuff for herself at home. Whether it becomes a job or not for her will depend on her, but at least she will have skills she can use when her illness worsens).

The issue is, I am not very good with art... especially trying to make it move.

But, the good news is we are willing to pay for some art. The bad news though? Well, were wont be ordering a whole heap at once, the work will come through in dribs and drabs (payment for each part though, so all good). But if we find an artist we will continue to use them.

Currently we are looking at the characters themselves being around 124 pixels high, size dependant on the character (ie, some may be shorter, some taller).

Please provide me some quotes for the following (either through a PM or in here, whatever):

1. Character design and still (eg player, major npc, enemies)
2. Boss design and still (will be bigger than the others, probably 3 times the size)
3. minor npc shadows (to give the illusion of there being a busy place, but without a heap of detail going into it)
4. Animation for the above, assuming 8 frames per required animation (ie walking is 1 animation, attack is 1 animation, etc)

Thanks for your time.
Title: Re: Looking for Pixel Artist/Animator
Post by: eishiya on May 31, 2017, 01:16:39 pm
If you're strapped for funds, consider using a smaller scale for your art. 124px for a player character is big and it's a lot more work to animate than something smaller. At that size, it also takes more frames and higher framerates for the animation to look smooth than something smaller, since each motion has to cover more pixels. 8 frames for such a large sprite would give you passable animations, but probably not very smooth ones (just thinking walk cycles here - attacks, etc would probably have different frame counts, but running at the same framerate).

Alternatively, 124px is almost at a size where you could use non-pixel art just as effectively (at least for designs that aren't super-complex). At large sizes, it's not any more laborious (possibly less so!) to create high-res 2D art. It'll not look as sharp as pixel art, but it's also free of the technical restrictions - you could size your characters differently in different scenes, your game could look smooth at any resolution, etc.

With this size, you're looking at hundreds of dollars per animation set, if done by a competent artist.

What sort of game is this, and what sorts of styles are you looking for? Do you have any examples of art you've done for it, or art of a similar size and style? Perhaps you're actually looking for stickpeople and my notes above are completely unfounded xP I can't tell from your post.
Title: Re: Looking for Pixel Artist/Animator
Post by: luckymee777 on June 01, 2017, 05:16:46 am
pm sent, ^_^
Title: Re: Looking for Pixel Artist/Animator
Post by: SkullBatJeff on June 02, 2017, 04:05:06 am
pm sent  :y:
Title: Re: Looking for Pixel Artist/Animator
Post by: Ohenoki on June 02, 2017, 11:58:13 am
No more msgs thanks. More than enough people have been contacting me with prices, so I need to sort through them and make a decision. Thanks for the replies though.