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Title: [WIP] Full 16x32 Character Sheet
Post by: HonestFace on January 30, 2017, 08:24:46 pm
Hello Pixelation Community!

I havenīt touched pixel art in a while, but after diving some months into only programming I am now back at pushing pixels! I was doing some tutorials and a friend liked my pieces and so he asked me to draw him a character. He taught me a lot about programming so this is the least I could do.
Here is my Character sheet so far, and the animations for a walk to the right and to the left. I am quite satisfied with the walk right animation, but somehow the walk left animation looks very off. Do you have any idea why that is? I mirrored the right walking animation and cleaned up the hair because we cant see all of it from the left. But the body somehow looks not balanced.

Another thing im struggling with are the front and back poses. Right now the face is too wide in my opinion, but when I make it smaller the eyes have not enough space to seperate. I also have no idea how to make the arms and legs not look so stiff. Some input or examples would really help me there!

Here is the sprite-sheet and the 2 gifs:


PS: This was my reference:  https://twitter.com/jtangc/status/648529753566113792
Title: Re: [WIP] Full 16x32 Character Sheet
Post by: MysteryMeat on January 30, 2017, 08:42:08 pm
I think the problem you're having is that the left-sprite doesn't have the same amount of face detail as the right sprite has with the bouncing hair. Try adding an ear to that side, and perhaps some shading to define the chin like you have done with the brow on both sides!
Title: Re: [WIP] Full 16x32 Character Sheet
Post by: Bak on January 31, 2017, 12:11:39 pm
maybe you accidentaly pulled an old artist trick, mirroring the image so mistakes are more visible.
Torso looks like its always rotated to the camera, but invisible pelvis moves wildly with leg base going forward. Right one could have obscured leg movement with rope(?).
Title: Re: [WIP] Full 16x32 Character Sheet
Post by: Jehannum on February 07, 2017, 02:25:58 am
You added shoulder straps but I feel like the arms are so far back they don't look like they are attached to the body. Also  shoulder straps viewed from the side (flat against the body) aren't likely to be 50% of the arm's width, and currently your arms are 2 pixels wide while the strap is 1 pixel. They do look good though and the pixel limitations don't give you many alternatives.

The shoulders and arms should be closer to the middle of the head, but have a go at physically trying to get your own shoulders that far back and you will appreciate what I mean, I think :) the shoulders also look a pixel too low but I think it's because your character has no neck. It's reasonable to assume that the hoody has a high collar, but if that is the case I'd still suggest emphasizing that he has a neck. One possible solution is to just remove the front pixel of the collar line. It might make it look like the head is too far forward but if that is the case you can move it back one pixel and the jaw will still stick forward.

Now to the hood. I need to look at some references for this really (it's my first day checking out threads) but having the ponytail cutting into the hood seems a bit odd to me, like it's created a v-shaped hood if you were looking down from above. My suggestion for this part would be to angle it down the curve of the rucksack as that is what it would be resting on anyway, rather than it sticking out horizontally. I'd advise doing the shoulders first though because the rucksack is going to need some work to refit it.

All these suggestions are open to critique too of course, I'm always a student.