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Title: [C+C] Game Character & Style Design
Post by: Nives on July 06, 2016, 02:08:22 am
I'm very new to pixel art.  I wanted to start a small game project for a Zelda-esque action adventure game with simple(32x32), fun, stylized art.  Think Super Time Force Ultra, Hyper Light Drifter, or Crawl for a sense of what I mean by stylized.  I'm basing it in a post apocalyptic "Mad Max" type of universe.  Here's the main character I have at the moment. 


I know it's not great, technically, but I want to know if it has any charm?  Is it appealing?  Does it read okay?

I find it difficult to attach the head to the body without it looking awkward, so tips on that would be great.  Any tips, advice, and critique on anything you like or dislike would be stellar. 

Feel free to make edits and repost.  Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: [C+C] Game Character & Style Design
Post by: Rosier on July 06, 2016, 02:57:31 am
As an avid practioner of HLD and STF style sprites, I would recommend cutting down the colors, or making them more distinguished.  The colors on the sleeves blend with the rest of the shirt, making it look undifferentiated.  Same with the shades on the pants, face, and hair.  Either make them the same, as they don't necessarily need to be different, or make the colors pop more.  Try adding saturation to the shades.  Just in general, it would make it pop a bit more.  The games you mentioned have very striking colors, and this, while readable as a Mad Max-esque human character, could do with a bit more color.