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Title: Alter Army - An awesome 2D Space Adventure Indie Project!!
Post by: VaguePixels on June 26, 2016, 06:22:53 am
Hello everyone, Vague Pixels here!

It seems a little bit weird when you see "Vague Pixels", may you think, "What on earth is that!?", so, I am here to solve your that question, and give a good and long description about us!! (it's not too long btw...  ;))

So, what is "Vague Pixels"? A combination of pixelated thingies that game developers will learn, nah, it's rather a game development studio, comprising of three real-life friends, who have partnered up to bring you the best they can!

Currently, we are working on a game, let's say, an action-adventure platformer combined with shooter and a hard bit of alienated environment, but I don't think that you got my point, did you?  :shrug2:

So, to get ready to fill your brain about the game! :handthumbsupL:

First of all, you do ask the game's name before you buy it, the name is "Alter Army", and it should give you an image of what we're going to talk about, it's an army!

Not only it's an army, it's the best collection of the best, good for nothing people merged in one force! :beer:
So what, what next about the game, let's talk about the genre, game information and things like that...

The game is a 2D action-adventure platformer, as said, the environment is set on another planet's alienated pieces, the music is ambient, slow and action game music, too are the enemies, and make your journey from the core of the planet, to back the track to the planet!!

So now, what's left?  ??? The plot....!

The most fascinating part about this game, is its plot and the story, story canít be told in text and would be uninteresting, and for telling you the plot, we have to go into some lines that'll describe Alter Army from the start... but don't worry, I've tried my best to make it short! :)

"A group of good for nothing space pirates leave from earth on a space investigation, and end up being on an alienated, stranded and hostile planet. They meet the creatures and the life possible there, but they all are hostile, so anything except fighting won't work. Make your way through the planet, as you end up dieing every time, and striking through them! GOOD LUCK!"

So, it was, easy, it was pretty same as the upper one, but was short.
So, if you read it completely, thanks for reading and sorry for the time you've spent, but we promise you, we won't let your time down! ;D

Here are some images from the game, The work is still in progress, so a little bit rough, but to provide you a look, here it goes!!

The enemies thatíll greet you on the planet!

And the basic layout of the platform (work still in progress)!

Thanks for reading up to here! :D

Monday,27th June Update!

Alter Army, you have known a little bit about this game, yeah?..., no?.., so I'd recommend going through the starting of this thread till the end, and then back here, if you don't wanna, no problem, here you can take a look at one of the character of the game "Alter Army"!!]


So first of all, beginning with a humble character, the naive one, the polite one, you say him a work, he replies with "Hmm!" meaning he'll do it, but once you try to call him "Fat", he'll do all his attacks on you!

Here's a gif of him when someone accidentally offended him:


And here's how his stomach goggles when he tries to run XD:


Shoot you dumb bastard! (I didn't call him fat, he won't get offended and won't attack over me XD)


Next updates about characters coming soon! :D

Title: Re: Alter Army - An awesome 2D Space Adventure Indie Project!!
Post by: VaguePixels on June 26, 2016, 07:15:04 pm
So, here's an update, showing some enemies from the game, let's have a look, and know about them a little!



He's.. sorry... it's a creature about slicing, that's why the name's slicer, easy? Yes..., it's faster than you, attacks more, beats the shit out of you, but is dumb as shit.. Just the same as "Hmm...!".



Somewhat like who's using stones to attack, what a fish.... no ... No? .... NO?? ... I also think no. It's amazingly super ultra true that he is attacking in the upper image, isn't it?

Temple Gaurd


Someone said that he looks awesome while attacking, so he applied for a job in the temple of attackers, and got his job, so is he doing, but now he's not in the mood of attacking I think, or maybe just we didn't provide you the right GIF, maybe probably possibly!!