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Title: Programmer and Pixel Artist For hire!
Post by: CodyS on June 24, 2016, 04:15:32 pm
Hi! I've been a game developer for about 5 years. My biggest release is at www.playsaga.com where I was lead designer. I've been interested in making retro games again, like this-


And to fund being able to make it, I've made art and programmed games for other people


Just finished up a fun little 8 bit card game


So if you have a good game idea, or need some pixel art made, message me here or at Equaltocody@Gmail.com, or add me on skype at cody.rigby1.

Message me with your idea for a game, your budget, and the time frame you are looking at having it done, and we can most likely work something out. If you just want a little prototype to showcase and idea, or want a fully made game- I'll be able to do it for you. Can develop for iphone/android as well as desktop.