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Title: Professional Pixel Artist - looking for work!
Post by: yanneyanen on March 22, 2016, 02:11:47 pm
Hello there!

My name is Janne Markkula and I'm an independent game developer and game artist from Helsinki, Finland.
I'm looking for pixel art and animation work. I can also offer my services in game/level design.

I am a quick learner and always interested in trying out new things, so even if my portfolio doesn't have what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact me! I'm sure we can work something out.

Below you can see samples of my work. More examples can be found on my website at http://volumeupstudios.com/ (http://volumeupstudios.com/)
You can contact me by PM or email at contact@volumeupstudios.com

Also, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@yanneyanen (http://www.twitter.com/yanneyanen)) or Skype (yanneyanen).

Thank you!



(http://volumeupstudios.com/images/petrun_right.gif)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/petrun_down.gif)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/boxer.gif)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/luchador.gif)
(http://volumeupstudios.com/images/Attack.gif)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/Kick.gif)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/Shoot.gif)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/Run.gif)

(http://volumeupstudios.com/images/portrait1.png)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/portrait2.png)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/portrait4.png)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/portrait5.png)

(http://volumeupstudios.com/images/Skrew_LD1.gif)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/Explosion.gif)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/Poof2.gif)    (http://volumeupstudios.com/images/Ball.gif)