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Title: Sci-fi RPG
Post by: rocifier on March 14, 2016, 08:16:45 am
Hi, I am daydreaming of building a sci-fi RPG where you start in a 1940s mental asylum and must escape. Everyone thinks you're going insane, but you are convinced you're fine. You have a chrono disorder which means you travel randomly into the future (pre-programmed moments in the game). There is a romance involved. You discover more and more evidence to the contrary and finally realise maybe you are insane after you discover that you killed your own lover... a kind of Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde crossed with Memento and The Time Traveller's Wife in an adventure game. I'll keep things posted here as they progress.

This is my first idea for the ward, totally need C & C as I come from a more coding background traditionally. Pixels are transparent behind the headboard bars so the player can be seen walking behind them.
Title: Re: Sci-fi RPG
Post by: jjhaggar on March 16, 2016, 08:27:01 pm
Hi, maybe you should be more specific about the kind of feedback you want. The idea of the game? The furniture used in the room? The colors? The size used for the sprites?

I like the idea for the game, and also the art, but about the furniture I must say it's a bit incoherent, I mean if there are padded walls to protect the inmate then there shouldn't be potentially dangerous objects, like a flower vase that can be used as a weapon or be broken to pieces to commit suicide.

I was going to recommend you to get some watch this movie to get inspiration http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073486/ but thinking about it if the asylum is set in 1940 maybe would be a better idea looking for "1940 mental asylum" in google images.
Title: Re: Sci-fi RPG
Post by: MAVW on March 16, 2016, 09:33:45 pm
Like jjhaggar said, we'd need a bit more of information (and images) to give you a good feedback.
Personally I believe a project so focused on the thematic of an specific era needs extra attention on nailing the ambient. I'd recommend looking at "We happy few", "Bioshock", "Ether one"...
Title: Re: Sci-fi RPG
Post by: rocifier on March 16, 2016, 11:58:30 pm
Hmm I guess I was mainly asking for feedback on the art and how to improve it. The inconsistency is a good point, but it's actually intentional. The player starts restrained to the bed. After the doctor leaves, you need to shuffle the bed over to the vase and smash it. With the broken pieces you can cut your restraints and begin your escape. I have the rest of the escape planned out :) but I guess I shouldn't give too much away. I'm going to take a detour and practice some anatomy and animation so that when I come back spriting will be much easier on this project.