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Title: [PAID] PixelArtist Needed for Business Simulation/Tycoon Game
Post by: Codemoto on March 05, 2016, 04:09:22 pm
We are a software development firm that needs an artist for a Business Simulation / Tycoon game we're currently working on.  We need a pixel artist capable of designing isometric interiors and characters.  This game will be for mobile platforms, so the ability to work with small screen resolutions is a must.

We need help designing an intro screen for the game, as well as our menu system.

We need help designing various isometric interiors for store within the game.

We need help designing the various customers/shoppers within the game.

For a talented, reliable artist, this will be a great project with a reasonable amount of work.  We're also a fun, fair, and reliable group of people to work with.


Are you a talented, reliable designer that can help us make this game beautiful?
Do you have any follow-up questions?

Mail us at pixelart@codemoto.io.

Please provide your preferred method of payment hourly/per asset, usual hourly wage, and some examples of your work/portfolio.

Thank you in advance.