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Title: [profit share][pixel artist] Questica needs an artist!
Post by: purenickery on December 04, 2015, 07:19:05 am
Hello there you handsome pixelers, you look rather dashing today. Just sit forward and tense up as I sensually describe to you the product of many of my late nights and deep thoughs,


As you may have cleverly deduced from my title, I am in desperate need of you, a brilliant pixel artist to arrange colored dots for my screen. But why-ever would you help me? Well that is the very question you are about to learn the answer to. Now, take a look at my chart and let's discover what exactly a "Questica" is:

I have had an artist working with me since the start on this game, but recently he's been getting swamped with work and other time consuming activities. We are going to need the help of another artist if we ever want to finish this game. It would be wonderful to find someone who can match the style we already have and can help out creating art for items, objects, and creatures.

I can tell by the fact that you're still reading this that you are interested! Go ahead and just shoot me an email at sirazsoftware@gmail.com, reply to this thread, or add me on skype (gamecreator10000)! As the title suggests we are unable to pay anyone at the moment for their work, but we hope to start being profitable as soon as possible, and once that moment comes we will share it with you!

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day  :lol:

EDIT: misspelled the email address, whoops. If you emailed me earlier just shoot me another one, sorry!