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Title: Tristaph Media - Affordable Pixel Artist available for work
Post by: tristaph on November 27, 2015, 06:36:00 pm

Hi, My name is Tony Huisman. I've done a wide variety of 2D art, but found my niche in pixel art. I'm the artist for your project, if you're looking to make a game with a genuine nostalgic feel to it. I'll follow any pixel style you want done, or offer suggestions, if you're unsure of what style is right for your game.

Portfolio: http://tristaph.greywyvern.com

My personal favourite project I've worked on is Crystal Picnic: http://nooskewl.ca/crystal-picnic/
Crystal Picnic is a light-hearted action RPG, that was inspired by several popular RPGs of the 90's.

(http://tristaph.greywyvern.com/cp/17.png)  (http://tristaph.greywyvern.com/cp/13.png)

As for my rates, I am quite flexible. Tell me your budget, and we'll see if we can work something out.

email me at tristaph@gmail.com if interested!