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Title: Road to the Academy (mobile)
Post by: Kich on September 06, 2015, 10:30:54 pm


I think the red carpet is going ok, but what about the splash screen? Any thoughts?
Title: Re: Road to the Academy (mobile)
Post by: IrresponsibleFreelancer on September 06, 2015, 11:34:23 pm
Everything looks super good and i like the style.  The main problem i noticed was in the gif that you showed.  You cant see this problem in the pictures but if you look during the animation you see that the stairs (and possibly other things, i couldnt tell) dont have proper perspective.  The stairs on opposite side of the staircase are going to two different points on the horizon and they look a bit odd because of this.  The big wrinkles in the carpet also dont follow the same perspective as the stairs.  I cant quite do an edit to show you because its in the gif where you can see the problems but hopefully you know what i mean.

Another perspective issue is something that doesnt quite make sense in the first image of the guy on the treadmill.  The shading on the pillars doesnt follow the perspective set into place by the columns as well as a number of other things in the scene.  Just look at everything and make sure it follow the perspective that you set because even the tops of the columns dont.

Finally i see a small problem with the composition or idea of the first on (treadmill dude) where there is no point for him to have the fireplace on.  The reason this is so is because there appear to already be lights on in the house due to how its lit up.  It is much to bright for it to be a room with the lights off and the only source of light the fireplace.  I really like the idea of the fireplace and i think its funny (why would he watch a fireplace instead of a tv is another thing but...) and makes for a cool composition but the lighting has to be right in order for it to make sense. 

Keep it going it looks great and hopefully you actually understood my blabbering  :crazy:

Ill do an edit to show you what i mean for the first one shortly
Title: Re: Road to the Academy (mobile)
Post by: Kich on September 07, 2015, 01:52:58 am
Thank you very much, it was instructive. I'm glad you liked it. I changed the stairs perspective and I hope it fits right hahah



Indeed, first image is catching me, I'm not very good on perspective yet. I'll wait the edit then, it always moves me forward. Thanks.

p.s.: my mother language is portuguese and I'd never heard "blabbering" before, it's nice learning new words :D