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Title: A Bastards Tale
Post by: jahasaja on April 03, 2015, 07:04:38 am
Hi all,

Almost done with the game. Only some SFX left and then it is time for release.

Many here contributed a lot and I contracted wolfenoctis to do some of the bigger artwork for cut-scenes, animations and clouds (I hate clouds). (he comes highly recommended)

I will keep this thread updated when I finish trailers and such (promotion is a pain). I will also release a free demo when the game is released and just made a twitter account https://twitter.com/A_Bastards_tale (https://twitter.com/A_Bastards_tale).

Here is some pictures of the finished game. Comments are very appreciated.
(http://www.skadedjursbekampning.nu/uploads/desert.gif) (wolfenoctis made the sky and sun)

Also this might be fun for someone. I spent a shit-load of time making a big snake enemy.  However, I gave up in the end because making the animations took too long time and he ended up not being so fun to fight:


Title: Re: A Bastards Tale
Post by: cels on April 03, 2015, 09:27:32 am
This game has a very old school feel to its graphics. It has a certain realism to it and a certain quality to its palette. I don't often see this in modern pixel art games. Looking forward to playing it.

The HUD / strength or life bar is a bit... plain though. To me, it's a non-optimal compromise between simplicity (e.g. just a simple bar) and a more elaborate design (e.g. a beautifully rendered sword with lots of detail)
Title: Re: A Bastards Tale
Post by: Probo on April 03, 2015, 10:31:32 am
Looks cool, have you thought about adding shadows for the sprites though? when theres a bit of perspective so we can see the top of the surface theyre standing on, i think a shadow really helps to marry the sprite with the enviroment. wouldnt have to be realistic, or theyd be different on every level (like long ones stretching towards the player on the sunset desert level).

What kind of gameplay is it? will there be platforming or is it mainly a kind of combat simulator?
Title: Re: A Bastards Tale
Post by: jahasaja on April 03, 2015, 12:27:29 pm
Cels: Thanks I hope you will enjoy the game. Yeah the Life bar is quite plain I did not want it to detract from the action. At first it was just a red bar.

Probo: I have been thinking about shadows. But not for this game perhaps for the next...

As for gameplay
, the game is a side scrolling action game. It is more slower paced then many 2d games since just like games as Monster Hunter and Darks Souls you cannot cancel out of your attack. You also have to block in 3 different angles in order to stop the enemies attacks. Here is a video to illustrate: