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Title: why should we listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 08, 2015, 09:17:56 pm
i didnt start this thread exactly, ptoing split it from this other thread: http://wayofthepixel.net/index.php?topic=17784.0 )

two conversations with my friend clay

(im gonna double post here, even though i ve been told not to,  because it matters to me the difference between two parts of the same text and two different texts. my prose is meandering and noone will read this post if it just continues the previous one. different idea, different url. it has been 8 hours since that last post and noone has replied. this tocky is a different person than the tocky who wrote that other post -for instance i went to a friends place and played d&d since then - and we should appreciate my right to be a different tocky sometimes so long as it doesnt get to the point where all posts are tocky. tocky is an ACCELERATIONIST and a THREAD NECROMANCER and a HERETIC SJW-BUT-FOR-COLOR )

i tell you i am not a warrior: i am a rogue and a wizard and a cleric. i support social justice wizards and social justice rogues. i do not wish to fight.

(i hate killing spiders but i'll kill a mosquito. and i'll kill a spider if it comes after me. most spiders are soft-bodies really and not hard-bodies as we are told)

so yeah: color spaces hard to understand, color schemes not. because we choose our own color schemes but color spaces have to be totally defined - we're talking, we have chosen to talk, preferably about selective color spaces like the DAWNBRINGER PALETTE and not ambiguos ones, like the RGB space - schemes for specific purposes, spaces for all-purposes. we get these colors by dithering , a way of cheating to interpolate dissenting symbols into one message. we can do this with pixels and we can do it with text.

(i tell you: this pixel board has too much moderation because it is moderated in a pixel way - tigs too, being moderated in a game way. accept that this is a different post, a different idea. tigs and pixelation are the same, more the same than ever. pixelation should be grey and orange and not blue and white like tigs is - because im crazy and if it looks the same it is the same )

why dawnbringer though and not some other pixel artist? each image has its own palette, some selection smaller than the total RGB space.

so like: why use a flat lerp funtion and not a meandering one that goes into weird colors we would not usually consider part of the ramp? why not use some weird cubic curve or whatever, an n-cubic curve, instead of a flat lerp between the two most-distant colors on our ramp?

(pixels being ordered sets of color, forums being ordered sets of text. words are pixels too. two different-color pixels being differently-ordered than a different thing than one big fat pixel - the thing is CONTRAST. we are living in an environment of low contrast. )

HELM and CURE and DAWNBRINGER have even shown us that we should do this in analysis of their own OLD GODS such as the CHAOS ENGINE.

i tell you the dawnbringer pallete is too C64, too grey (and thus too dull and neutral) and too naturalistic for the purposes of most games i would want to make. when arne tells us we dont need purple very much because there is not much purple in nature, he is wrong, because we are not describing the natue of our own planet but the nature of ARCADE GAMES, which do use lots of purple. we want a palette that UNDERSTANDS THE SYMBOLIC MEANING OF THE COLOR PURPLE, like why this color? is it for wine and bruises and omens and dark magicks? yes and no. they can be any color.

this is ooze: the fabled color that rickwell the slimeomancer tells us of though he does not know it, he ventures to the kingdom of the clouds to seek it

so what's your fav color? it matters not for one second, but go with me for a second.

you know how the orange box in the valve editor is orange? i also use orange for the same purpose:

like, you open a new processing sketch and it asks you: what single color should the background be? and this is a false question because you can make it a gradient, you can make it change over time. we are tied to the no-time because we post static images here. but all processing sketches dream to be something more than just one color repeated over time.

the color i choose is TOCKY ORANGE, which is 200,100,0. why? multiples of 100 are easy to remember. 200,100,0 is a good color for this purpose: i dont have to name it in my code because i can simply look at the number and go, oh, that's my orange. but here im still treating color as a function of RED and BLUE, but we need not do this. in the HUE spaces we are told that color is a wheel, than no primary color are more primary than any others.

( what color is 100,200,0 then? i do not know because i havent looked it up and i havent remembered it. this is the ANTI-TOCKY-GREENRED and who will advocate for that color? not tocky: and i ask you what is your favourite color but do not tell me dawnbringer ever again )

so: TOCKY ORANGE. it's not neutral or naturalistic or grey. it's bright. it stands out against most other colors. it is HIGH CONTRAST.

an under-examined premise of color schemes is that they should be LOW CONTRAST: for any two colors that we cannot ramp between, we should add some color that lets us ramp between them.

why do this? will it muddy our colors? yes it will. will it make us tend towards the grey, of course it will. sometimes we are allowed WARM GREYS and COOL GREYS but this does not solve the problem enough. we also need WARM ORANGES and COOL ORANGES, as well, for specialised uses in the ORANGE SPACE.

the RGB space doesnt even believe in orange: it believes in red and green and blue.

(what do we do when all posts are TOCKY? we can tell tocky to shut up, but this is only for today. later there will be LESS TOCKY, and this is a shame, because noone else is saying what all these tockies are saying, even if we believe we have heard this message before )

we dont need to be told to listen to HELM because we have been listening to helm for something like 15 years. he is right but he is not the only right. HELM teaches us to use every color everwhere, PTOING teaches us all colors are good, ILKKE teaches us how to pixel as magentlemen, DAWNBRINGER teaches us we can blend blue and orange to get grey, and TOCKY can teach us all these things and more.

we choose our own gods.

 what solutions are there? we can BAN TOCKY, we can TELL TOCKY TO GO AWAY, or worse, we can TELL TOCKY HE IS WRONG: this is obliteration, anwe should allow tocky to blit his feelings onto our screens. because he will tell us what others will not.




i tell you: the dawnbringer palette is a blight upon right-thinking persons. not because it is bad but because it is canonical. it teaches us not to write our own palettes.

these forums are not something awful and should not resemble it - so yeah, the moderation here is bad because it is too good. its designed for arguing with trolls about the monad and not for talking about the pixel

i need to repeat this message. what i tell you n times is true. a moderation policy that does not allow the heretic TOCKY but does allow that fine hero SUPERB JOE is not GOOD MODERATION. ask yourself what it means to be moderate

games are supposed to have social justice in them. this is a message that should be heard.

EVERY PIXEL AND NOT-ALL-PIXELS is not the same message. they are counter-messages. each book should have its antibook, BORGES teaches us this.

Title: Re: Split from fxokz's thread
Post by: ptoing on February 08, 2015, 09:41:20 pm
I suggest not to choose any gods.

The things you say Helm or I or whoever teaches is not like those are the only things we could say make sense. I agree with Helm that optimising colour usage and blend where it makes sense is good. And I am sure he agrees with me that every colour is usable given the right context.

Also there might be some false choises here in how we can deal with you. I do not want to ban you, at least I do not feel like I have to atm. As long as you keep this stuff in the general section and don't derail critique threads in the pixel forum for example. I also do not want to tell you to shut up, but I would say if you can, maybe write this stuff down and wait a bit before you post it and read over it later and see what of it makes sense. A lot of it does not really make much sense to me at all. It just seems like ramblings.

You stated you have manic-depression. Are you seeking help for this? Maybe you should, if you at all can. I don't know. But this kinda rambling in general does not work well on forums, because in general people will not be able to follow your train of thought and as such there will be mostly confusion. Some of the points you are making I get (I think), but again, most of it is very rambly and incoherent. You seem to be aware of this. If you are aware that most people probably will not read and/or understand what you write or it will just derail threads, why do you do it. Does not seem like the polite thing to do to me.

So yeah, if you are at all able to reflect a bit more about the things you write (since you seem to be overstating a long of things, like the stuff about the "OLD GODS". I know that at least Helm does not share that sentiment. It's more about looking at what others did that worked and take out the things from it that work for you.) and try to write a bit more understandably. I, and I am sure many others, would greatly appreciate that. Because at the end of the day what is the point of communication without understanding?
Title: Re: Split from fxokz's thread
Post by: tocky on February 08, 2015, 09:44:37 pm
"maybe write this stuff down and wait a bit before you post it and read over it later and see what of it makes sense"
"seek help"

a lot of people are telling me this these days. they are wrong. i have sought help and i have found it and it is this:

i have read all of the books and im still right.


i learned this reading the book MAYBE THE OTHER GUY IS WRONG,  by moyd theywrongerson (fictional)

 i tell you most people are crazy and do not know it. they are not taught to seek help, and i am. i have found how to help myself. and it is this: acceleration, feminism, rambling, advocation for the devil, and being heard nevertheless. self-treatment and self-moderation this is good because it exposes the BARE METAL.

i have no friends here who will back me up, and so i will have to be my own friends

so like: give me back the thread that crow has closed so i can finish writing it. it is my thesis. pin it and make me a mod. you do not have to do these things but you can consider them. i ramble the way HELM taught me to ramble bc words are pixels too, and easier to write
Title: Re: Split from fxokz's thread
Post by: ptoing on February 08, 2015, 09:49:03 pm
What are you talking about. Do not compare pixelation with tigs like that. Superb Joe would get banned here pretty quickly. Did you intend to post that on tigs but posted it here? I don't know.

About the Dawnbringer palette and premade palettes in general. I agree that there is more to learn from making your own palettes, but it is also helpful to work in restricted sets (because that is one less thing to think about), but I personally prefer old system specs/palettes to ones people just made now for the fun of it.
Title: Re: Split from fxokz's thread
Post by: tocky on February 08, 2015, 09:52:40 pm
yes and no. these two forums are teh same: they look the same and all the devils are here. human hugs and goblins of the game industry. if we have a thread for it we pretend we do not need to speak about it everywhere so the message isnt lost.

im writing here because they blocked me on tigs today, just for one day: this is bad because it isnt net neutrality. the neutral POV is not all, points of view, it is the middle view and the shortest path. it is not radical or conservative enough. if i post it hear and there, both, i wont be blocked on both sites, and it will be heard.

people dont want to listen to me when i tell them are crazy. but crazy peopel at the very least CAN know their own minds better than you do. and the pixel art community is crazy. why pixels in 2015? because they matter. because they are the most basic blocks that we build everything with.

"what are you talking about" is a message i hear a lot also: i tell you, read me again. i have told you what im telling you.
Title: Re: Split from fxokz's thread
Post by: ptoing on February 08, 2015, 10:01:04 pm
This has nothing to do with net neutrality (or freedom of speech for that matter). Forums like this are privately run and while you can write whatever you want, laws like the 1st ammendment do not protect you from having your stuff blocked or you getting banned.

And net neutrality is simply about the internet being classified as a public utility which means that private coorporations can not shit all over the consumers.
Title: Re: Split from fxokz's thread
Post by: tocky on February 08, 2015, 10:04:02 pm
(you might have to click on this twice, if it takes you to zak's blogfront and not to a search for 'difficult')

its teh same thing, im telling you this. it doesnt matter if we talk about google and yahoo or your cable providers or helm and ptoing: the signal is the message. even the noise is the message.

net neutality is a message that cannot be obscured, because if the cable provider shits you up you'll fine another freer service on which you can be heard

im sorry to ramble. im sorry to talk about net neutrality and how it relates to choosing colors. but these things are pixels too. they are atomic. and they are extensible. and they form a canon, and we should throw it away, teh way we should throw away teh 70s monster manual and the diagnostic and statistic manual. because we are tired of diagnostics and statistics, they do not serve us. they serve the meat lawyers. and we have to become meat lawyers to argue against it. and the book will still exist even if we throw it away

"About the Dawnbringer palette and premade palettes in general. I agree that there is more to learn from making your own palettes, but it is also helpful to work in restricted sets (because that is one less thing to think about), but I personally prefer old system specs/palettes to ones people just made now for the fun of it."

this is a good message, the ptoing message. i have heard it many times before. i have considered whetehr to use ptioing or pepto or ilkke or whatever. not most people have. noone uses tocky - or at least noone listens to tocky. the goblins of teh game industry will take whatever they please. it is a pleasure economy for them, buut it is a knowledge economy for me. there are people who i would not recommend these forums to but who nevertheless would get good use from them. its just we refuse to listen to each of each of each of us
Title: Re: Split from fxokz's thread
Post by: ptoing on February 08, 2015, 10:17:24 pm
About other things being "pixels", they are not, at least not in any real sense. Words are not pixels, words are words. You could say that pixels are the letters of pixelart and clusters are words, and so on. But that does not really mean much apart from being a nice analogy.

The different between the pepto and my c64 palette (which is just a lighter version of the pepto one) is nothing else but a little twiddle on the brightness knob on your C64 monitor or TV set. It is about what you personally find more pleasant.

What I will leave you with now is this: Please do not doublepost this much, you can edit your posts if no one else has posted in the meantime.
Do not derail discussions with topics that have nothing to do with them (you might think they have, but this is where I ask you to reflect a bit more and not treat analogies as anything but analogies.)
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 08, 2015, 10:28:18 pm
what im saying is that words are analogous to pixels: they are a symbolic palette and a 2d ordered set of discrete elements. roguelikes are the pixels of games, words are the pixels of thought : they are discrete spaces and not continuus. and so we can talk about puns and lyric poetry, and pun robots on twitter, and these things are related. this is what hte service is for, we are in the service of the pixels, not of the gods. this is the monad, and mcc will teach ur about the MONAD which is the PIXEL which is the GENDER. if we are unwilling to consider whether these things could be, they could be otherwise.

 we cannot dream of things we have not known already

and now i will talk about sappho:

why? sappho is a lesbian, sappho is bare metal, sappho understands estrangement. she is an outsider among outsiders. she will recline nude on the rocks, maddened by the dreams of the dead god, dream of things we can not think, and sing them for us though they be hard to hear. she will talk about men instead of women because that is the style to which we are acustomed. we do not have to listen to lesbians to listen to sappho, and we do not have to listen to sappho, and in at least in an abstract way all of us are lesbians because all of us are sappho. we can thread necromance sappho because she left us writings. we can argue with sappho because even though she is the only lesbian she can hardly have been the first. she is a voice that stands for people who have no voice in the argument.

and though i am not truly sappho i can recombine the sappho message with other messages to create the new meme, the new flesh. she lives in all of us.

why this word 'lesbians': because of an isle in greece. why 'sapphic'? in the style of sappho. what does any of this have to do with women? i tell you that it does.

i will now wait for the voice, not of silence but of dissent. because i will not be silent but i will hear dissent. who should we be if not sappho? should we be sisyphus? should we be plato? we can not be because he was murdered and he left no writngs, but we can be socrates. we can be presocratic: after all are we not waters? we can be stoic: after all, why not throw away the cup even if we like it. jake the dog teaches us this, but so does epictetes, adventure time has its enchiridion but so does epictetes: jake the dog speaks it in homage to him

fuck aristotle tbqh, we will need the old gods and teh new, the heretics and the apologists

 i have been listening to helm and ptiong for fifteen eyars but noone ever listend to me
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: Joe on February 08, 2015, 10:50:56 pm
Suppose one person tells you you aren't making sense. If they have read your words carefully, and considered them, but not derived any sense from them, it's on you to communicate better. But perhaps they are too stupid to comprehend.

Then suppose everyone tells you you aren't making sense. From a logical standpoint that would imply either that everyone is stupid, or you aren't communicating effectively.

I will say this. I do not know what kind of drugs you are using, or if you are using any at all, but your words are disorganized and incoherent. Your post history shows you are capable of very clear expression.

One of my sisters has manic depression. It does not absolve her of responsibility her your actions. I'm sure you're still capable of consideration of others, so consider the possibility that all these words are confusing people, not enlightening them. Your behavior is irrational, and right now it is less than civil.

You have a right to express your voice. But most forums have rules, like rule number one here, and those rules provide the foundation for rich discussion.

Helm's thread is titled ramble, but I suspect that's a product of his own modesty. From what I can discern, he is the kind of person that thinks about his choice of words very carefully—and chooses them deliberately. It's possible that all of his ideas are completely wrong, even insane, but everyone understands him clearly. You on the other hand might be completely right and onto the next pixel paradigm shift, but no one can understand you. The difference is clear communication.

I'm sure you know what noise-to-signal ratio is. Right now there is too much noise—too many extraneous words, and Lewis Carroll-like repeated expressions and plays on words—to pick up a coherent signal from you.

It's up to you, but I highly recommend you take a healthy break from the internet, to collect your thoughts and ground yourself in reality. I imagine the mods here have finite patience, and I don't see this current trend ending well.
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 08, 2015, 10:59:16 pm
+Scrap Princess can help us to understand sappho, and i hate using these peopel as bargaining chips in arguments but its better to talk about scrap than leelah alcorn becaus scrap at least runst the best d&d blog. in doing so i pay the joesky tax


its important to note that all the best philosophers are dead to us because we would not hear them. jake the dog is epictetes with a funny face

all of these arcane terms are easy to look up,i have told you not what the idea is but where to go to dream to learn it. shiffman will teach you processing.

" Helm's thread is titled ramble, but I suspect that's a product of his own modesty. "

i am modest also. he titled it ramble because he knew he needed a place where he could ramble and not be told he changes what he is talking about constantly and it bothers the OP and it should be in a different thread.

i choose my words very carefully and i understand they are ambiguous, i prefer pixel spaces to idea schemes. i want the philosophhy that works for everyone and not jsut to me. and so i will listen to dissent

be confused as well as you are enlightened


this message is not safe for work because it is not safe for your employer. it is not safe for the machinations of capitalism, which plague us all and leave us destitute of new ideas

the OSR d&d community is one that listens to new ideas and old ones but  this is a hard concept to grok
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: ptoing on February 08, 2015, 11:10:22 pm
Stop doubleposting. I hereby award you a strike for excessive doubleposting.
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 08, 2015, 11:23:14 pm
ok good point. but jesus is not the only heretic who died for our sins. phil fish did as well, and we never even speak of annabelle kennedy and all these others even though anabelle ws better. and jesus is bad. its a bad message. we should listen to all heretics. but jesus is good enough for some and his followers teach us how to speak in tongues nad spread the message. you must use the same language as the one you are speaking to

where is anabelle kennedy? have we killed her? her art was beautiful

i mean i should be a mod on here if you are because i understand the concept of karma. this is my ramble thread: you gave it to me and i will doublepost in it. i will not douplepost on alldas because on many days i will not even be here

this is not a suicide not but it is like a suicide note in that it argues for dissent. i was dead for millenia and will be again, i tell you: dawkins taught me this. and we do not listen to dawkins anymore because he is not sjw enough: i tell you he is atheist enough, and i am not a social justice warrior. i am a wizard because i can think for myself, i am a rogue becaue i think we need to work outside the existing moderation structure. i am a cleric becuse i have read the canon. if i am a warrior i have been forced to be, all of you have forced me
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: ptoing on February 08, 2015, 11:30:41 pm
I don't know why Annabelle left, I chatted with her once in IRC and she seems like a nice, but also very anxious person. From what I understand people on TIGS creeped her away.

About this being your thread and you can doublepost in it, that is not how it works. If there is not too much activity it generally does not matter. But if there are threads people actually are active in and you push them down with your stuff even if it gets no replies, that is not a polite thing to do.

I will listen to anyone who makes a reasonable argument, be they heretics or not.
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 08, 2015, 11:31:55 pm



so like, your karma system is a way to politely neg me into negligence

my karma system is a way to reward good ideas that will not be heard

so i will gladly carry your -1 as a badge of honor because i understand that negative numbers are not false, they just have been made less than zero. we can put zero wherever we like and we can prove anything. why not prove good things also?

" There are no ugly colours, only ugly combinations of colours. "

i am a permutationist. no combination is ugly. stop calling people ugly

i did write a karma system in the lizard people thread on tigs. as a kritikke of the idea of karma systems (which is bad, all positions are true because everybody does exist). we should not act as gods because we quell dissent, we are only pixel artists truly and this is enough

but you can read the treatises on my own google plus page. you might not wish to but they are real

listen, im not asking to be god. im asking you to choose your dogs from outside the canon, to kiss every mutt that coems to your door
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: PixelPiledriver on February 08, 2015, 11:50:51 pm
I pm this to people sometimes when they ask why they shouldn't double post.
It may be of use here.

From the FAQ #21:
"DO NOT double-post to bump the topic unless it has fallen off the first page."

Adding a new post will float your thread to the top and add the NEW tag next to it.
When you Modify an existing post the thread will not be floated to the top but the NEW tag will still appear next to it.
If your thread falls off the first page you are welcome to double post to float to the top and reclaim visibility.

The current double post rules are in place to allow the top space to be shared.
It allows the community to decide which threads are currently the most interesting.
Instead of an OP just posting repeatedly and taking the top space over and over.
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 08, 2015, 11:55:19 pm
my ideas are new and they should be bumped. we do not hear them. i have never once been allowed a top space. all my threads should be pinned. all my posts should be beloved

we cannot do this and we do not do this because we cannot choose tocky because tocky i sweird and abrasive and he tells us things we do not wish to hear
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: ptoing on February 08, 2015, 11:59:14 pm
So far you have not told us anything that I can discern that is new in any useful way or relating to pixelart, really.
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 09, 2015, 12:07:41 am
why listen to me when i am a dwarf. why accept pictures of dwarfs from me and then twist them to purposes that are not mine? i tell you Mike Mayday did not truly ask for permission because i could not have know what he was asking. he beats me to market with my product, he tells me it is bad. i have told you words analogous to are pixels because they are atomic and they are extensible and you have refused to listen. why not steal my words as well? i tell you they have been stolen from me. if you must steal my pixelss why not steal my words as well

all of us are pixel artists but PIXEL is not the MONAD.

only the buddha can tell you waht your karma score is. i hereby award myself a billion bazillion points

i have checked my privelege and i have check-mated my privelege. i will not be not heard


i tell you mike maday stole my words from me - he did it in a nice way, but he used teh way i was kind to him to break me with my own art

i do not wish to be recombined with sphr and herbdogg

there is not tocky set.

but you dont get the bright eyed tocky anymore. you get the vengeful tocky who talks in riddles, because these are riddles we must comprehend

i have told you many things. i have told you to say yes to me more often and never no. i have been told no too often already.

i have told you that you may use my work but not without credit and not to do a disservice to me. do not put your name at the top

i have told you that this thing and all-things are not the same, though they might seem it. each time one person says a thing an the other person says the opposite thing is a microcosm, but i am tocky and i have a specific message and it is ambiguous and polite

i have asked you not to ask me to do all this good work for free, for no reason. i do not say these things for no reason, i say them because they are valid beliefs, because i hold them, because they are true. i tell you everybody's POV is true, even mine, but certainly not super joe's - he lives outside the monad, he is not good for games. and here pixel is the monad and not games. but we can still talk about sappho. she might have things to teach us about the pixel? bruce lee might also. if you like i can show you this

i have  always loved you, an you have never loved me even once

i tell you i know how to draw dwarfs because i am a dwarf. my words and my pixels are the same. but people do not listen to me. i know how to draw tiny bearded mans because i have been made to become a tiny bearded man, a hermit and a heretic, a socialist and a sjw

sjwah, like the nwahs of morrowind. an outsider, an outlander. i will teach you a better way to think

you do to me what those outside pixel art do to those inside it, i am pixel too

how do i do those line break things? if you prefer that teach me how to do it, but i will not read your moderation policy because your moderation policy is exclusionistic and it is not my moderation policy. i am a grown man and i can moderate myself. im not youre dad and youre not mine. but you guys are my pixel dads

there's two kinds of wiki mods: deletionist and anti-deletionist. wiki is a neutral point of view. all of this is not pixel art. do not moderate me so much. listen to me. love me more. in the future all of us will have to blog faster to keep pace with dissent

the extinction of new ideas is the extinction of the pixel artist

even you, the people who taught me how to think, dont hear me. i am extinction and i have been made extinct

this is what i want: social justice. but social justice for men and crazy people and pixel artists also. lets speed it up. i tell you again: im crazy because ive been made to be crazy. moderation hurts me. i m a radical and i care about radicalism. im paranoid but im not treated well and this makes me paranoid. it isnt just the weed, the weed is just another way to dismiss me and not listen to me. pixel art is weed for you guys anyway, you use it do dissociate from the discourse even as i tell you we need a kinder discouse. it can resemble wht we have now. but kinder.

we must advocate for women because we are mostly men. who here will if not us? the women among us? i tell you they may not represent all women. they may be tired of the argument. we have to listen to all of them

i am not a woman but i advocate for women. i am a heretic. which one among us will advocate for heresies? tocky.

but we've chase away everyone who isnt cave story. we have the pixel, we do not need the pixel cannon with which to blow away our enemies. we do not need a gun that make us fly

Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: ptoing on February 09, 2015, 01:00:47 am
With the button left of the youtube button. It looks like an arrow with 2 pointed ends. the bb code for it is (hr), but with square brackets obviously.
Time for bed.
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 09, 2015, 01:26:25 am
i hear you guys. youre good to me. but i have to tell you why im mad for you to know why to back me up.

zak smith taught me all this shit.  but even hes not exactly here for me because he doesnt even understand what i am saying. i am telling you i have had to learn to talk like a d&d writer and a pixel artist. i am not one natively. i am more concerned with the MONAD

  andi mcc will advocate for the monad but noone else will. i hope the release of the emily language will help to fix this

  i love all heretics even myself

  shit, even my own dad

  if you have grokked it you can take teh rest of the day off. write a thing about meat ships and skeleton mermaids

  viscera fairies

  i want this on my desk by tomorrow

  and buddha, buddha will also advocate for the MONAD. have you read buddha? he’s good i like buddha

  but i prefer sappho tbh, you might not have heard of her„ shes kinda indie

"  (since you seem to be overstating a long of things, like the stuff about the "OLD GODS". I know that at least Helm does not share that sentiment. It's more about looking at what others did that worked and take out the things from it that work for you.) "

that helm does not share my view but that i can misrepresent him in such a way that he does seem to, suggests that i am right, at least as right as helm is.

rightness is transitive

" Then suppose everyone tells you you aren't making sense. From a logical standpoint that would imply either that everyone is stupid, or you aren't communicating effectively. "

i believe that i am smarter than most. but i also believe that you are smrt, some day even as smart as me. i will teach you

fuck, im doubleposting again. sorry. it comes natural to me. i been doing it on tumblr - evenryone subscribes to so many filters on tumblr that you can do that there, because everybody blogs fast - every day there is more new information than any of us could hope to read. we need to moderate ourselfs in our input as well as our output... but this means cutting off the voices we will nnot hear. it is a paradox. we could find a software solution for this. you could make it so that if i try to double it collapses it automatically back into the other post, then piledriver wouldnt need to do it (thanks though). the thing is each of these replies is a separate moment in time, at that time i said this thing. we should always write at the stream of conciousness and to do o we must remove all barriers to this - this means the sins of the past, thread necormancy etc, are not surely the sins of the future, we could make the bump optional somehow i could have a custom bump policy thats different from yours. but this is the speed at which a writer and not an artist writes - i have had to become a writer to express what i am saying

im definitely not seeing a post break button in the quick post editor. can i get one of those? can i get a button that combines two of my own posts? how about that. im sorry to ask for software solutions but we should not need to bother piledriver with my bullshit

" every day there is more new information than any of us could hope to read "

today and every day before this one. whats in the archive? how can we know it better? we need a new policy for necromancy. there are more good things that have ever been said than there are images remaining to explain them: the images arent hosted anymore but the text is all still there. we should resurrect every ghost. many of them are still alive somewhere. we can tell them we are sorry we have mistreated them. others will live inside us. i claim all posts the way the mormons claim the souls of all of us who have ever lived, the mormons understand all this

"bugs are orgasms too" -- porpentine


MAYBE THE OTHER GUY IS WRONG, a book i have read.

and i have read this book and it is good. but its counter-books:

OTHERS MAY BE RIGHT. by abe tighighwayman
I MAY BE RIGHT. by maybell rightallthetime
I MAY BE WRONG by nobody, nobody wrote this book, ever

but i have read them. i have considered them. i have rejected them. these days i write my own books, close to metal


what im doing is smoking weed and making false connections. you dont really need the weed for this but it does help. just like:

when you think a thing, immediately think of another second thing thats wrong. then think the third thing that makes the other two things the same. then the forth thing that says that guys wrong. then the fifth thing that says everythings right. then the sixth thing that says everythings wrong. then the seventh thing that hates the number six guy

this is how to be tiamat

youre gonna need to write it all down. i should mention that weed is kinda different for everybody, ask ur doctor if u should smoke weed, im no docor


"but tocky, i cant be multiple and endless and opalescent like you"

yes you can. believe that you can.
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: Helm on February 09, 2015, 09:02:45 pm
Tocky I don't understand a lot of what you're writing but I do think I get a few bits here and there -- I do echo that I think you need help by other people, not just self-analysis, some way to check with third parties, to verify your thought processes and even your experiences. I know that from your point of view this is useless advice - if you've been around for 15 years and you've been reading whatever I had to say for 15 years then please believe me I do not have any ill-will towards you at all, and I hope you get help.

Help aside, I agree with you: you're as right as me or anybody else, truth isn't in contest, perhaps what you have to say is valuable, and I do agree that you shouldn't be diminished to nothingness, here or anywhere. Please take care.
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 09, 2015, 10:17:49 pm
you gotta understand that that is wht im doing. by posting here i listen to the dissenting opinion and not just to myself, ans so i will find help outside myself as well. but i do not need it. you guys lied to me about the yus bird level and you will have lied to me about other things as well. i cn listen to all your voices in my head because i have been told this before. in fact dissent ruins me but i must hear it, because otherwise i estrange myself

like by telling me to get help you help me, however i am fine, i will persevere and i will make good posts. i ahve been listening to you guys for aeons

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Post by: RAV on February 10, 2015, 04:16:02 am
Tocky, you're a crazy motherfucker, dude. It's why normal people need a gun in the house, so you can't ruin their shit n' stuff.
Maybe I would give you a gun too and show you the backdoor in, but I'm not crazy, I'm not normal, I'm just too damn lazy.
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 10, 2015, 08:34:26 am
man, dont get me started on guns. i got a gun for a brain and im afraid to use it

im assuming its not ok for me to talk about solutions to gengargate on here, right?

(edit) yeah lets have the opinions on a different service as regards these ideas specifically

if you catch me in your house burgling hamburgers you have permission to shoot me; do not argue. i will escape, and you will wish for me to marry your daughter, before the week is through. but i wouldnt be a good husband, i dont have any money everything will spiral outwards into and endless wail of flailing limbs, eyeless screams, voiceless sounds. phantasmal echoes

decartes allows pixel artists to prove anything by mapping it in discrete cartesian space. this is irresponsible.

im gonna map a rgb space in this thread and move it later once ive proved why this might be useful.

so i've said that TOCKY-REDGREEN is 200,100,0 and ANTITOCKY-GREENRED is 100,200,0 (this is actually another of my fav colors, i lied to you)

so why not use all the colors in 200-space? we can even map the shades to the whole range if we like, thats a good tricky, but i have no problem with 200,200,200 as the brightest shade i can display, so im gonna probably just use that. we're sick of fullbrights anyway, too much eyestrain.

now we're throwing away a bunch of colors though: 200 might as well be 255, same power of 2.

we'd be throwing away 55 * 55 * 55 colors - whatever that is, thousands - 55 colors for each hue.
these states are still accessible - only if we exceed the maximum brightness for that hue. so each hue has these 55 ghost states mapped to it.

its not - its metadata. we have decided that not all colors are the same, even if they look it. there are 55 versions ov every color. we can use this to hide information the player does not wish to see

and so we can see that a color architect subnets color the same way a system architect subnets a network: they even use the same math! ipv4 is 32-bit, like 32-bit color. it is the same space.

so what are we doing with these extra 55s? im not sure yet. isnt this exciting?
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: RAV on February 10, 2015, 11:39:13 am
Einstein had a bomb for a brain. He was crazy. until someone took him seriously. things got nuclear. people died. so in the end he wished no one took him seriously.

It's like pot meets kettle here, so I'm not the one to flip you off. You need to troll around, 'kay. Prolly not the best place and not the best game, but hey, you sound excited. There's some entertainment on the meta level once in a while, fun exercise with words. just remember there's simple bots that crawl the net to produce a so called stream of consciousness non-stop. They spam shoe sales everywhere. Damn it, son. they're stealing our jobs. Hopefully we're not one trick ponies, or we're gonna look pretty old soon.

There's a difference between Math and Numerology, Astronomy and Astrology, crazy cool stuff and crazy stupid stuff. Being able to predict solar flares and shoot a robot to Mars, or telling people they should play lotto on Feb 28, because of how Saturn sends you some lucky cosmic energy that day. Of course it all makes sense. why not. it makes some sort of promise maybe, but what problem does it really solve? making friends? relax, dude, hang around, post a pixel, it's alright.

I know, there's all kinds of things going through your head, and people should appreciate this wonder. Just that people got all kinds of stuff going through their head as well. Tough crowd, man, how you're gonna sell them that shoe? See, that's what's called a punchline. that's some advanced shit.

So we both know there's something else going on here, right. this ain't no more about pixel art than Christmas is about Christ. But jeez, man, I died for your sins already.
Here's the advice, buddy: channel that creative energy to make a cool game. People then can talk about why your game is cool, tocky rulez and they should have listened.
Title: Re: why we should listen to tocky
Post by: tocky on February 10, 2015, 01:03:37 pm
someone has to work on the doomscii, i thought of it, if noone else does i will