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Title: Need some help
Post by: koolcat on November 21, 2014, 01:05:02 am
Hey guys and girls I recently decided to study/learn pixel art in my spare time, but i don't know where to start and i thought the you guys could help me out and guide me in the right way (maybe link me to some tutorials that you guys used when just starting with pixel art and animation)

I just started to work on my project (about 15 minutes ago) and i have some template sprites made...
Can you please check it out and if you can help me out with the front pose for the character because to me it looks a bit weird.
Title: Re: Need some help
Post by: Magnumcannon on December 27, 2014, 02:06:24 am
One of the best tutorials i found out there was this (It's organized in chapters):

It's very good at teaching you the very basic stuff, like taking references, and some exercises, which are quite helpful.

This one here:

It will teach you about some terms, colors, dithering, what to do and what you don't want to do.

And last, if you want to improve your skills in pixel arting, check out other people's pixel art! Find some sprite sheet of some character/background/tileset you really like, zoom it and observe what it does right. Pratice, read and if you put effort into it, there's no doubt you can become a very talented pixel artist!
Title: Re: Need some help
Post by: Cakeprediction on December 27, 2014, 10:17:31 am
These look pretty funny, but I do have some small points:

Anyway, here is my own edit to clarify these points. Also, I just wanted to play with them :P. Just did the side though, but I hope this helps you a bit :D
In this edit I also changed the body shape a bit, since it looked quite odd to me. But again, that's probably just preference :P. Might do the front pose later if you need some more help after this. I'm also interested in seeing a mock-up of your project though, since then you can see more easily what's wrong or doesn't fit(I think, not very experienced with pixel art :P).

Good luck! ;D

Edit: Owh, just noticed he hasn't been online since november :')