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Title: [PAID] Small Tile Set Commission
Post by: Banriel on September 18, 2014, 12:55:38 am
Hello everyone,

I am Banriel and I represent a small indie company who are developing a 2D sprite based game for multiple platforms on the Unity engine. As we develop our project, we find ourselves in need of assets to progress further.  We’re searching for an artist with a specific style to develop our pre-alpha tiles. The game itself involves a good deal of random formations, so we’re looking for modular tiles that blend without seem. The general details are as follows…

Project Abstract:
-Approximately 21 tiles
-Uniform size and format
-Dark fantasy themed

We also have a number of requirements for the artist.

Artist Requisites:
-A URL to your portfolio
-18 Years old (Or older, based on your county’s contract laws)
-Reliable contact methodology through Skype text, Steam, Facebook, or Email
-English fluency

Please be able to complete an online contract through a tablet signature device. For simplicity of contract, our agreement will grant our company all copyrights upon completion of your commission. If you’re available for this short commission, please send me a private message (preferably email me at shared@newworlddynasty.com) including your portfolio link and your general rates. We can discuss further detail from there. We have a very specific kind of style in mind, so please understand we would turn down a Da Vinci if it’s just not right for the project at hand. Hope to hear from you shortly!

Kindest regards,
Title: Re: [PAID] Small Tile Set Commission
Post by: Banriel on October 01, 2014, 01:29:33 am
Thank you everybody who applied, but we have found our artist.

We appreciate everyone's time and effort, and we hope to work with some of you in the future.

We tried to respond personally with each application we received, but due to the volume we may have missed some.

Thanks again.