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Hey everyone,

I'm doing a comedy sketch called Facebook Fighter 2. Basically, the idea is a satire how people beat each other up on Facebook with annoying status updates and humble brags. It's kind of like everyone's fighting each other. (Enter Street Fighter metaphor) If these types of people annoy you, and you are a fan of Street Fighter 2, then maybe this project would be right for you! I've already shot out the sketch, and I need to put the 16 bit vfx over it.

I'm looking to recreate the opening of Street fighter 2 in pixel art, and instead of the two guys fighting each other in a street brawl, they're fighting each other on a computer. We pan up the building and then we see the logo Street fighter 2, just like the game. Except, now it says Facebook Fighter 2. Since I'm spoofing already existing elements, and we're doing a parody, I don't think this should take someone very long to recreate.

I'll also need some alpha channels of Ryu's fireballs, mummified burning, and blanka's electric shock. (I can get into more on that detail based off of interest).

This is a low budget project and I'm doing this for fun. It's funny and cynical. I'm willing to spend $200 for it. Hoping to get it done in the next two weeks.
Please contact me and my sketch team if you're at all interested in participating in a sketch comedy video! Of course will be credited at the end!