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Title: [OC][CC][Newbie] Idle animation, somethings just not right, help!
Post by: RedSuinit on July 13, 2014, 01:29:56 am

http://imgur.com/f3nujO1 (http://imgur.com/f3nujO1)

I also posted this in the Pixel art section.

Added the link because imgur is blowing it up for some reason, making it look all blurry.

Inspiration is from Paul Robertsons work, nothing was ripped, but his art-style is along the lines I was shooting for.

I'm BRAND NEW to pixel art, this is my first work. Please let me know what you guys think. I believe that it is good, but I watch it and can't help but feel like SOMETHING is missing.
Thanks in advance for any advice, tips, or other forms of help!
Title: Re: [OC][CC][Newbie] Idle animation, somethings just not right, help!
Post by: Mathias on July 22, 2014, 08:17:44 pm
New to pixel art? Welcome aboard, lad. BUCKLE UP

At first glance, the character gives a funny impression. Awkward anatomy and also awkward animation.

I know this thread focuses on animation, but:
I recommend trying some new proportions. I'm familiar with Paul's work. We all are.
But recently, these chars (http://www.pixeljoint.com/pixelart/87630.htm) were submitted to Pixel Joint and I think they're great. You might like them as reference for your current project.

I know you've already moved onto animation, so back-tracking to revise the char might be too painful at this point, but that's up to you.

- About your animation - try this: stand up and mimic the exact same movement he's doing. Does it seem right? I'm honestly not sure what you're going for.
Consider his personality. His attitude. What's his name? What would a fitting idle anim be for Bob here?

- You're making a common mistake, stretching his ankles as he bobs up. Instead, let his heels lift up with his rising ankles, or I guess bend his knees.

- His blinking belt is distracting. Either nix it or tuck his shirt in, in front. Same applied to his neck. There's a flashing gap between head and shoulders.