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Title: [Portfolio] Experienced pixel artist for hire!
Post by: keithburgun on April 20, 2014, 07:13:29 pm
Hey everyone!  My name's Keith and I'm a pixel artist / animator.  I was an artist on 100 Rogues, as well as on an XBLA/OUYA title called Fast Fast Laser Laser and UFO Dad on the PS Vita.

I've got some time to take on a new paid project, so if you're in need, shoot me an email at keithburgun@gmail.com.  While I can't work for profit share, I have really reasonable rates.  Take a look at some of my lovely pixel art, why don't you?






Here's an old tileset I did, from 100 Rogues:


I also do a lot of non-pixel art, as well as write and do music/sound composition.  You can check out more of my stuff over at http://keithburgun.net/visual-art/ .

If you need help with your project, shoot me an e-mail at keithburgun@gmail.com.  Thanks!